How Bloomberg’s D&I Communities are Supporting Future Leaders

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Maximilian Vanegas
How Bloomberg’s D&I Communities are Supporting Future Leaders
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Diversity and inclusion (D&I) employee resource groups (ERGs) foster a sense of community and inclusivity in the workplace that allows employees of all backgrounds to thrive both personally and professionally.

Employees who participate in ERGs can connect with people who have similar backgrounds and interests, discuss common experiences, and network to develop their careers. In addition to these benefits, the work involved with maintaining and growing an ERG provides opportunities for employees to build leadership skills outside of their normal job responsibilities.

At Bloomberg, a financial technology company, ERGs are called Communities. With 9 Communities aimed at promoting inclusion in the workplace, Bloomberg is committed to recruiting and nurturing talent from all backgrounds.

To gain a better understanding of what these groups have to offer, we interviewed four successful Bloomberg leaders who are deeply involved in their respective D&I Communities.

Bloomberg’s Commitment to Leadership Development

Lauren Pizzimenti, a Profiles Data Analyst, has been with the company for four years and is the Lead of the New Jersey chapter of the Bloomberg Women’s Community (BWC). Lauren is a great example of how you don’t need to be a veteran at the company in order to become a leader of a Community.

As co-lead of the New York chapter of the Bloomberg Women’s Community, Elena Takacs has contributed to efforts aimed at developing future female leaders, including a mentorship program. She’s someone who understands the importance of having advocates throughout one’s career and uses her position as a Team Leader to create avenues for women at Bloomberg to receive professional support.

In addition to promoting D&I at Bloomberg, these Communities expose employees to valuable leadership and interpersonal skills development that can translate into both professional and personal growth.

Shaping the Future of Diversity at Bloomberg

In our conversation with Brandon Harris, the Global Head of Marketing Management and Strategy, he told us about his first few years at Bloomberg and how he, at one point, was one of the only Black employees in his department.

Brandon has witnessed how employees from underrepresented backgrounds can sometimes miss out on valuable career opportunities due to a lack of quality guidance and resources. He shared that “… it’s not easy for everyone to access the same opportunities. The fact that a small percentage [of employees] are from underrepresented communities means that they don’t have as many opportunities to make that connection with someone who can steer them in the right direction.”

He asserts that building equity in the workplace doesn’t happen organically but is the result of deliberate action – whether it’s creating a supportive Community or holding senior leadership accountable to achieving D&I goals. As co-chair of Bloomberg’s Black Professional Community (BPC), he uses his knowledge and influence to help Black employees across the company succeed. He and other executives work tirelessly to promote D&I throughout all levels of the organization.

Bloomberg has taken strides to bridge the diversity gap and make it easier for people of color to succeed. In addition to support networks such as BPC, the company promotes equality through many recruitment programs, employee awareness campaigns, and policies.

We also interviewed Fatima Shama, Bloomberg’s Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Americas. In our conversation, Fatima spoke to us about why D&I Communities are a necessary element of life at the company.

What was made clear in our conversation with Fatima is that the establishment and proliferation of D&I Communities isn’t a want, but a need. It’s a necessity that, when met, sparks boundless opportunities for people from all backgrounds and abilities.

As part of ongoing D&I efforts, Bloomberg also encourages allyship among employees who may not identify with these Communities, but still champion the mission to create a more inclusive and supportive culture.

With this goal in mind, Bloomberg is looking for early-career talent to join the company and explore how D&I Communities can foster their development into future leaders.

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