These Bloomberg Values Are The Key To The Company’s Success

Liam Berry
These Bloomberg Values Are The Key To The Company’s Success
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You’ve probably heard about Bloomberg. Maybe it’s because of the Bloomberg Terminal, which provides financial data and insights to the global capital markets’ most influential decision-makers. Or maybe it is because of its comprehensive business news network. 

However, it’s not just the company’s products—or even its incredible story—that have made Bloomberg a household name. It’s the values that drive Bloomberg forward—and have done so since the beginning.

Here’s a brief list of the principles behind the brand that truly set Bloomberg apart.

1. Strengthening Communities 

Philanthropy at Bloomberg isn’t just another company initiative. It’s a vital part of the organization. Not only do the employees of Bloomberg undertake countless service and philanthropic projects every year, the company donates nearly all of its profits back into the communities in which its employees live and work. Bloomberg Philanthropies utilizes the profits of the innovative financial information and technology company and applies the same analytical rigor and administrative savvy to pressing problems. Whether it’s global issues like combating the opioid crisis and climate change to more local issues like access to education and clean public parks, Bloomberg Philanthropies is the embodiment of the company’s mission to strengthen communities and to ensure better, longer lives for the greatest number of people. 

Through Bloomberg’s philanthropic initiatives, each of its almost 20,000 employees can take part in countless volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Bloomberg will even match employee donations and make donations on behalf of its employees after completing a certain number of volunteer hours. So, no matter your role at Bloomberg—from engineering to customer service— the chance to make a difference is a core part of its cultural DNA.

2. Innovation Is Essential And Happening Constantly

Bloomberg started out with a huge leap forward in financial technology. From the very first Bloomberg Terminal, the company has always raised the bar for one of the world’s most important industries. Today, that same spirit of curiosity and constant improvement makes Bloomberg a pioneer in financial information and technology. That spirit applies to every department at Bloomberg – from Engineering, to Global Data, to the Analytics and Customer Support teams. Innovation is always a priority in working more efficiently and competitively.

By leading the industry in the application of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing, Bloomberg delivers tools and automated workflows that help the world’s business and financial decision-makers find the data that matters—and then act on it.

Bloomberg also leads the business media world in market-moving news. By utilizing the world’s largest network of business reporters and integrating non-traditional sources—like Twitter—into products, the company has rapidly changed the ways newsrooms work. Technologists even leverage AI technology to help reporters provide essential context about major events, companies and topics before users ask for it.

3. Diversity And Inclusion Are Central To Success—And There Are Benchmarks In Place To Ensure It

Diversity and inclusion aren’t side projects at Bloomberg. They’re the main event. Diverse, dynamic teams produce the kind of breakthrough ideas that power change across industries. The company works to cultivate a climate of healthy competition and ego-free collaboration—that means welcoming a wide array of perspectives and experiences.

That’s no accident, either. The company’s search for the best and brightest is designed to build better, smarter, more creative teams—and diversity is an essential ingredient in that process.

Diversity and inclusion principles are embedded at every level of the company, from the top down. Teams at Bloomberg develop annual diversity and inclusion plans that challenge the organization and its people to not only build more diverse teams, but also to foster an inclusive workplace environment to move the business forward.

The company’s eight employee-run resource groups bring together employees with shared identities and experiences to help spread a message of allyship and inclusion throughout Bloomberg’s global workplace. These groups are the breeding ground for culture leaders who serve as role models to everyone in the company and provide practical solutions to company leaders that help move the needle towards equality.

4. Proving The Business Case For Sustainability

The global financial markets are responding to the climate crisis and the changing social landscape —and Bloomberg is uniquely positioned to lead the industry, and the society at large, towards a more sustainable future. The company integrates environmental, social and economic considerations into everything they do — and it is the full ecosystem of its efforts that distinguishes Bloomberg.

Bloomberg’s growing suite of sustainability-related offerings, as well as its work on climate finance and climate disclosures, helps clients make more informed decisions. In addition, the company continues to reduce its environmental impact and improve its operational efficiencies, while giving back to communities around the world.  

Through these efforts, Bloomberg has helped demonstrate the responsibility and urgency that companies must have in addressing sustainability issues in today’s world. Above all, it is proving the business case for sustainability. As of 2018, the company had avoided 1M metric tonnes of CO2e emissions and $116M in operating costs due to environmental initiatives since 2008. 

But, this all should be no surprise. Bloomberg is a company that’s driven by values—and operated by people who truly believe in what those principles can do.

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