Boost Your Productivity With This Easy Step

Kema Christian-Taylor - WayUp Staff
Boost Your Productivity With This Easy Step

Let’s face it: It’s not easy to boost your productivity at work. You have six or more tasks on your plate for the week and your supervisor and your co-workers are constantly stopping by your desk with a “Hey, I need you to look at one more thing.” or a “Hey, can you finish this by EOD Thursday?” Some days, it seems impossible to get everything done.

Except that it isn’t: In fact, productive (and successful) people have found a way to manage all those work demands. Their secret? Scheduling free time on a shared work calendar.

Take Campus Job’s CEO Liz, for example. She has meetings on top of meetings day in and day out, but one look at her Google calendar during “downtime,” and you’ll come across something like this:

boost your productivity with this easy step

Talk about time management that’s easy and effective. Blocking off free time on your work calendar minimizes distractions (for those of you that don’t know, “DNS” stands for “Do Not Schedule”), and it makes your deadlines real. After all, the more people who see that you’ve allotted a certain amount of time for general work or a specific project, the more pressure there is to actually get it done.

It’s a great way to safeguard your time and have something to show at the end of the day. Simple, right?