The 10 Most Underrated and Fun Summer Jobs (That Pay for Housing!)

The 10 Most Underrated and Fun Summer Jobs (That Pay for Housing!)

Grab your sunscreen and your bug repellant, because it’s time to apply to some of the best (but seriously underrated) summer jobs around.

Working at a summer camp has a lot of benefits: Free food and lodging (yum, sloppy joes), good pay, unlimited opportunities to play sports and have fun, real responsibilities (there are children who depend on you!), and the ability to live in a bubble while the rest of the world seems to fade away for several months.

For those of you already looking forward to the summer sun, we decided to highlight the 10 coolest camps that are hiring for summer counselors on WayUp, so feel free to apply to any or all of them in order to boost your chances of getting hired at an epic summer job!

1.  Art Instructor, Camp Matoaka

If you want to be a camp counselor but want to avoid being outside all the time, then this job is a great fit for you. You’ll get the opportunity to do all sorts of arts & crafts activities, like beading to knitting to paper mache.

By the way, WayUp’s CEO attended this camp and only has great things to say! Apply here.

2. Assistant Operations Manager, Camp Equinunk and Blue Ridge

Want to work at a camp for the summer but also want a business-focused job that can give you serious skills? This role will allow you to assist with the operations of an entire summer camp! #responsibilities Apply here.

3. Horseback Riding Camp Counselor, Windridge Tennis & Sports Camps

Working at a summer camp is cool, but grooming and riding horses as your day job for several months is even cooler. So, why not do both? Apply here.

4. Summer Camp Photographer, Camp Echo

Do you like taking photos (and no, we’re not talking #selfies)? If so, this is an awesome opportunity to get your housing paid for in exchange for your artistic abilities. Apply now.

5. Waterski & Wakeboard Instructor, Camp Manitou

Have you ever been water skiing and thought to yourself, “Man, I wish I could just do this for a living”? Well, now you can. And in the meantime, you can dream while watching this. Apply here.

6. Wellness Staff, Tim Horton Camp Kentahten

This camp is committed to serving youth from low-income families, and they’re looking for wellness staff who can support their health and — you guessed it — wellness. (And yes, you do get to go kayaking and play archery, too!) Apply now.

7. Waterfront Counselors, KenMont and KenWood Camps

If you want to work at a camp that focuses on sports, this could be the role for you. As a waterfront counselor, you’ll get to be in charge of awesome water sports like water skiing, wakeboarding, swimming, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding on the camp’s private lake. Apply now.

8. Camp Counselor for Special Needs Summer Program, Camp Keshet

Want to work at a camp that’s all about inclusion? This role will help you develop your communication and teaching skills while creating an amazing summer experience for special needs campers. Apply here.

9. Athletic Director, Camp Sequoia

Pick a sport, any sport! As an athletic director, you’ll get to teach them all while getting some great benefits like paid training and a travel stipend. Apply now.

10.  Golf Director, Camp Wayne for Girls

Do you consider yourself a great golf player? If so, you may have just found your summer role! As a golf director, you’ll help campers perfect their golf swing while teaching them the true art of putting. Apply now.

Like what you see? Head on over to WayUp to see millions of other job listings (including so many other camp ones!).

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