From Intern to Full-Time: How to Launch Your Career in Capital One’s Early Career Programs

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Maximilian Vanegas
From Intern to Full-Time: How to Launch Your Career in Capital One’s Early Career Programs
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Whether you’re an undergraduate student seeking your first internship or a graduate adjusting to your first full-time role, we understand navigating professional opportunities can be intimidating.

Fortunately, associates from Capital One are here to help you with the early stages of your career. From making the most of available resources to stepping out of your comfort zone, find out their tips to help launch your career at Capital One.

Take Advantage of Resources 

One of Capital One’s best qualities is that they want to see you succeed and give you the resources to help. They provide resources like interview-prep programs, resume reviews, one-on-one counseling sessions with recruiters, and workshops on a variety of career-development subjects.

Jesse Gvozdas, a Senior Recruiter at Capital One, spoke about what resources a candidate used to prepare for their application. 

We also got the chance to talk to, Olutoyin Asubiojo, the HBCU/HSI Partnerships Lead, who shared that recruiters are also available to help. 

Use the Network!

Capital One’s resources extend well beyond the application phase. Once associates join the enterprise, they’ll find a network of support among their colleagues.

We spoke to Judd Babbitt, a graduate of the University of Virginia, former intern, and current Cyber Security Development Program (CSDP) Associate, about how he realized that everyone around him during his internship was there to support him.

Judd went on to tell us about “skip-level meetings” where interns and associates have a designated recurring time to connect with their boss’s manager to discuss things from goals to current project statuses. These meetings showed Judd how much senior leaders are invested in the growth of his career and within the organization.

Follow the People, Not the Process

Judd was not alone in emphasizing the benefits of Capital One’s vast network of associates. Brittany Courtney, Vice President of Product Management, echoed how colleagues helped propel her to a leadership position within the company.

What Brittany is most passionate about is the idea that prospective candidates and entry-level associates should focus on what they want to learn and finding a mentor.

Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Another piece of advice from Capital One associates is perhaps the boldest and most unexpected: Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. As calming as it might feel to feel at ease in a role and not be challenged, it is not the kind of environment where growth prospers. In order to grow professionally, you must expose yourself to new obstacles so that you can reach new milestones.

“You have to learn how to apply your superpowers in a world that is unfamiliar. Force yourself to reflect periodically and ask, ‘Am I too comfortable here? Where am I not being stretched?”

Brittany Courtney, Vice President of Product Management

The idea behind Brittany’s advice is to test yourself whenever possible. She said that Capital One is a place that encourages you to take risks. So never be afraid to shoot your shot and make attempts at greatness!

Take the Chance

Are you ready to take the leap and join Capital One? Start exploring full-time careers jobs and internships at Capital One today.