6 Flexible Ways Any College Student Can Make Extra Money (And Build Their Resume)

Liam Berry
6 Flexible Ways Any College Student Can Make Extra Money (And Build Their Resume)
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When you’re a college student, it never hurts to earn some extra money.

Going out with friends, buying new clothes, getting that extra-large iced coffee, there’s plenty of stuff you can do with your hard-earned cash. The only problem is finding a way to make money without derailing your academic, social, or personal life. Plus, the job search is made that much harder by thinking about what looks good on your resume.

That’s where Care.com comes in.

They’re the hub that connects millions of families around the world with caregivers for their children, relatives, and pets. They’re also one of the best places for college students to find gigs that work with a hectic academic schedule and make some extra money.

You set your own rate, hours, and availability—and they help you connect with a family that matches those requirements. Here are six amazing opportunities Care.com offers that any college student can take on.

1. Babysitting

Babysitting is one of the most vital skills in the money-making toolkit of college students. Traditionally jobs were found with local references and luck. But with Care.com, you can find a babysitting job near your school or hometown without any of the guesswork. You can match with families and children who need your help.

2. Tutoring

You know how to study and learn—after all, it’s basically your full-time job while you’re at college. You’ve also picked an area (or two) that you’ve chosen to make your specialty. Share your knowledge and your study skills with an eager child, teenager, or peer by tutoring them through Care.com.

In a short matter of time, you could be running your own tutoring business, building valuable time management and business skills, and developing something shiny and new for your resume.

3. Taking Care Of The Elderly

Eldercare is just as important as childcare—and it’s in demand. If you’ve got experience with or an interest in assisting the elderly, this is an excellent way to make money while helping someone maintain the quality of life they deserve. You can walk away from this job and know that you made a difference in someone’s life. How’s that for a bonus?

4. Pet Sitting/Walking

Who doesn’t love pets? Whether you’re a cat connoisseur, dedicated dog-walker, bird buff, or a jack-of-all-trades pet sitter, there could be a job for you on Care.com. Help pet owners keep their animal friends happy and cared for while they’re on vacation, at work, or otherwise occupied—and get paid doing it.

5. Housekeeping

Are you organized and hard-working? Then part-time housekeeping might be the perfect side hustle for you. Keeping things tidy is the name of the game, and the schedule is yours to set. Find the right family to work with through Care.com now—and get to work immediately. 

6. Nannying

Nannying is like babysitting, but with more of a time commitment and a focus on the child’s development. You’ll bond with the child (or children) as you help them for longer hours on a more regular basis and ensure they’re staying on track. If you have experience with or have taken classes in child safety or childhood development, you might be a perfect fit for a nannying job listed on Care.com.

Apply Now And Start Working ASAP

The best part of working with Care.com? You don’t have to pick just one of these jobs. Based on your schedule, interests, and how much you’re looking to earn, you can find a gig that works for you. Earning money on a busy schedule has never been easier than it is right now—and Care.com is a great way to do it.

Plus, Care.com isn’t just a way to earn money. You’re adding valuable experience to your resume while you work, because you’re basically running your own business. You manage relationships with clients, build a network and market yourself. All of these are valuable professional skills that could make you a better candidate for future roles and help you later on in your career. Ready to get started?  Check out Care.com on WayUp to apply to open roles today!