6 Side Hustles That Rock For Your Resume (And Your Wallet)

Liam Berry
6 Side Hustles That Rock For Your Resume (And Your Wallet)
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Sometimes a full-on job or internship during the semester is just too much. Or maybe you want to take advantage of your upcoming holiday break, but can’t commit to a gig at the movie theater or the coffee shop. You need to make more money, get more experience, and be productive, but it can’t become your whole life. That’s when you know: It’s time for a side hustle.

So, we asked the experts at Care.com—an online marketplace that connects thousands of students and recent grads with families looking for flexible help—where you should start.

Here’s a list of six side hustles that will help your wallet and your resume grow.

1. Tutor @ Care.com

What better way to show that you’re not only ambitious and driven, but also really, really smart than to be a tutor in your spare time? Well, that’s exactly what Care.com offers you the opportunity to do.

Care.com can help connect you, a subject-matter expert on [insert talent/specialty here], with someone who needs help preparing for an exam, a class, or a standardized test in that field. You could be an SAT math tutor or an Organic Chemistry tutor. As long as you’ve got the basic teaching skills and the knowledge, you can start making bank by helping others learn.

2. Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

Care.com is a leading online marketplace that connects families around the world with caregivers (including dog walkers and pet sitters). They put people like you (eager to make extra cash while doing something you love) in contact with owners who need their pets walked, watched, or otherwise cared for.

Walk dogs. Watch pets. Be the animal lover you know you are. Get paid. It really is that simple.

Plus, you could try piecing together multiple jobs, effectively running your own pet services business, which will make for valuable talking points when you apply for a summer internship or full-time job.

3/4. Babysitting or Nannying

If you’re great with kids and have some free time, why not turn that into cash—and, potentially, valuable experience? Babysitting and nannying (the former usually being the more flexible, part-time option) are great ways to get experience with children and make money, which can be especially valuable if you’re studying to be something like a nurse or a teacher.

5. Senior Caregiver

Perhaps you prefer a crowd with a little more wisdom to offer? With equally flexible hours and the added benefit of a more conversational client, there’s a lot to love about getting involved in eldercare with the Senior Caregiver role available on Care.com.

6. Housekeeper

If you’re good at organization and have a natural affinity for tidiness, housekeeping is a great way to make money in a very flexible fashion. Thousands of families turn to Care.com to find reliable housekeepers, and college students and new grads make great candidates for roles like these.

Get Your Side Hustle On

So, go on, and get applying. Whether you’re tutoring, dog-sitting, or caring for seniors, you’ll be earning on your own time.

Don’t see what you’re looking for but still want a side hustle? Check out even more amazing part-time jobs and opportunities at Care.com on WayUp right now!