Three Signs You Were Born to Work at an Amusement Park

Alyssa Greenfield
Three Signs You Were Born to Work at an Amusement Park

You weren’t just made to ride rollercoasters and load up on all that great amusement park food. Nope! You were born to be a bigger part of the action (and ride the rides and eat the food when you’re not on the clock, of course). In honor of sweet, sweet summertime being just around the corner, here are three signs working for Cedar Fair and their family amusement parks is, without a doubt, your dream job.

Sign #1: “Team Captain” is Your Middle Name

Whether you’re playing sports or leading a group project, everyone knows they can trust you to bring people together for the win (or… uh… grade). You’re a natural at keeping people motivated and organized even when the going gets tough, and you work well with every person you meet. No matter what you’re doing, nothing’s going to slip through the cracks on your watch.

Sign #2: You Always Have the Answer

Not in a “know-it-all” way, but more of a “thank goodness you’re here to save the day” way. We’re not sure how you do it, but everyone knows you as the most helpful person around. You make spot-on recommendations for handling tough situations or troubleshooting problems, which means people can count on you to keep calm, think fast on your feet, and find a solution to even the trickiest challenges.

Sign #3: You Make Everyone (Even Strangers) Feel at Home

You’re the perfect party host and you make new friends everywhere you go. In other words, you know how to work the room, whether that room is filled with five people or thousands of amusement park guests. Within seconds, you’re usually chatting with a stranger as if you’ve been longtime friends. Basically, you leave a great, lasting impression.

Bet you didn’t realize you could put these qualities to work at an amusement park. Think you’ve discovered the summer job of your dreams? Head over to WayUp and apply to work for any one of the Cedar Fair parks now.