5 Surprising Personality Traits That Make You the Perfect Fit For a Job in Retail

Lily Herman
5 Surprising Personality Traits That Make You the Perfect Fit For a Job in Retail
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Are you smart? Ambitious? Driven? Adventurous?

Jobs that let you be all of these things are hard to find, but luckily, we’ve got one company in mind that constantly looks for people who strive to be the best: Leading clothing retailer, Charlotte Russe.

Want to hear more about what it takes to rock it at CR? Check out the five traits their most successful team members have in common, and since we know this is going to be a match made in heaven, apply to their [positions] on WayUp right now!

1. Adventurous Spirit

Charlotte Russe Store
Photo courtesy of Charlotte Russe.

Are you ready to dive in and try anything? Working in retail is about taking any challenge head-on, and the best team members at Charlotte Russe aren’t afraid of any obstacle. They know that in order to be the best, you need to step right in and make a difference (but you can still have a little fun too!).

2. Flexibility

Working in retail
Photo courtesy of Charlotte Russe.

When it comes to working in retail, no two days are alike, so you’ll have to know how to be flexible and adaptable, no matter what comes your way. Whether that’s helping a customer find the perfect pair of dark-wash jeans (hey, it’s a struggle!) or aiding a fellow team member with inventory, no job is too big or too small.

3. Always Ready to Go

Retail employees
Photo courtesy of Charlotte Russe.

One of the core values of Charlotte Russe is being constantly ready to move upward, and its entire team, both on the floor of its retail stores and in its corporate office, knows how important it is to be ambitious. Success is in the DNA at Charlotte Russe, so its employees are always ready to step up and do whatever it takes.

4. Entrepreneurial

Charlotte Russe store
Photo courtesy of Charlotte Russe.

Charlotte Russe’s CEO Jenny Ming has spent her entire career in retail, so she understands and appreciates the importance of always hustling and reaching new heights. Whether that’s hitting a lofty sales goal or working to become part of the leadership team, Charlotte Russe’s best team members set their sights on ambitious dreams—and they achieve them.

5. Excited to Learn

Charlotte Russe employees
Photo courtesy of Charlotte Russe.

One of Charlotte Russe’s key values is being able to lead with intent, and that goes hand in hand with promoting great teamwork and making every person feel valued. The strongest members of the company are already great employees, but they work best when they team up with others.

If you were nodding your head like crazy while reading these five traits, chances are you’d be a great fit for Charlotte Russe’s team. Apply to work for them on WayUp now.