Competition Winner To Meet Scobleizer on Wednesday

Nathan Parcells
Competition Winner To Meet Scobleizer on Wednesday

For those who have been following the WayUp blog, this summer has been all about competitions — from our best photo to shadowing Dave McClure, we have been doing our best to make-up for a summer without Olympics. One of the most heated competitions was to win a mentorship lunch with tech icon Robert Scoble, who has a penchant for helping visionary entrepreneurs share their product ideas and goals with the world.

Today we are excited to announce Dimitry Lukashov as the winner of the Robert Scoble mentorship lunch!

Dimitry is a recent CS grad from the University of Tulane, an active user on Quora, and Twitter, and during his undergraduate career published a paper on reducing technical redundancy at large institutions. He stood out for his thoughtfulness on personal growth and a desire to do something big in the tech industry.

Tomorrow we are flying Dimitry from New York City to Silicon Valley and on Wednesday he will be meeting Robert Scoble at his home for lunch.  He will be getting the opportunity to ask him burning questions about his future, the tech world, and what he has learned from speaking to industry leaders like Mark Zuckerberg.

If you want to get involved, Dimitry knows he is not the only one with questions for Robert, and has decided to crowd source some answers, so if there are questions you would like him to ask Robert, feel free to tweet your questions to @shpiel and @wayup!

“Searching for World Changing Technologies”

There are a lot of reasons why we knew Robert Scoble would be the perfect candidate for this mentorship lunch, but perhaps the strongest is the parallel we see in Scoble’s self proclaimed quest to surface world-changing technologies, and the quest we see students going through in trying to make the right career decisions before leaping into the professional world.

Across the country students are asking big questions about their future and pondering trade-offs like: big salary vs. company culture? Work life balance vs. intense professional growth? Working on a small team vs. a large established company?

These are massive life decisions that require a great deal of research and reflection and we know that Robert, having spoken to thousands of entrepreneurs and executives and having traveled the world, can offer a great deal of feedback.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to get involved in the competition, there were more phenomenal entrants than I could count.  We are excited to share more about the experience on our blog next week and for those interested in seeing the footage of the interview, or who want to be part of any  competitions in the future feel free to join our non-spammy (we promise) newsletter updates on the top right of this page.

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