Conquer Your Career Transition

Sammantha Johnson
Conquer Your Career Transition

Legs aching, I lean over the stacks of boxes, dreading my life, and wondering why am I here. Inventory time is one of the most horrible experiences ever. In college terms; it’s the equivalent of finals stress times infinity. Fair to say, I was ‘hopped up on Mountain Dew’ to meticulously account for every item ranging from $400 to $54,000 (Rubs hands and utters “Perfect”).

One Week Later…

I received a phone call from a great friend. I’m listening in the stock room with mounds of bags surrounding me, and I immediately burst into laughter. “You’ve got to be kidding,” I say. But no, he was serious; so serious in fact, he said, “when we were creating this position, we thought of you.”  My mouth gaped, but I wasn’t too hasty. I asked for the details, asap.

After the phone call, life became a blur…setting the ideal time to tell my boss, finding living arrangements, and enjoying the emotional farewell party. Transitioning is one of the hardest obstacles we can face. It’s a part of life, but preparation is obsolete if you haven’t personally experienced the process.

Over the course of four weeks, I prepared myself for a complete industry switch and for absolute responsibility in a major role. My goodness, it was an exhilarating time. I felt ready to lead and command. In the early weeks however, it seemed as though my soul was in a grieving stage. I reminisced on how I advanced and on the special bonds I’ve made. It deeply saddened me. Leaving an amazing company with so many extreme personalities can alter your outlook on normality.  Despite this, the unknown excites me. During the third week, I latched to the individuals who made a difference in my character. I literally soaked in every minute to never forget what we shared. And mostly, I took in their words of wisdom. Now, simultaneously packing and dabbing happy tears, I realize I must experience irregularity to improve my life. This is a process that truly dictates success.

It’s unwise to subdue emotions of sadness, minor anxiety, and excitement. The next step in a twenty-something year old’s life is to foster these emotions and understand how to handle reality. I dared to simply feel. Osho the author of courage states, “Life begins where fear ends”. Express your sentiments wholeheartedly for this is the emotion that unlocks fear.

I leave you in the exact spirit I encompass for myself. Take along your teachings and the wonderful friendships to cultivate your future. You’ve completed your task for this journey to consciously create another. I AM HERE, THE COMMANDER OF MY FUTURE, THE OWNER OF MY EMOTIONS, AND THE CONQUEROR OF MY TRANSITION.

Stay Intrigued and Keep Believing