3 Ways Crowe Isn’t Like Other Accounting Firms (And Why That’s Great News For You)

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Liam Berry
3 Ways Crowe Isn’t Like Other Accounting Firms (And Why That’s Great News For You)
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When it comes to finding your first job, would-be accountants and consultants don’t usually have too much trouble. Plenty of major firms hire new classes of interns and entry-level folks every year. And so does Crowe—a top ten firm in a global network that stretches across 130 countries and hundreds of offices.

However, given Crowe’s position in the market—as both an industry leader and a nimble, mid-sized firm—they’re able to offer their employees a different style of work and company culture. Remote work, a relaxed dress code, and the wide variety of work opportunities are just the tip of the iceberg.

We sat down with some current employees and interns to learn what makes Crowe different—and why that’s good news for recent grads and current students.

1. They’re Part Of A Global Network—With Global Opportunities

One of the most exciting features of working at Crowe, the team told us, is the ability to take on opportunities around the firm, and—consequently—around the world.

These opportunities to depart from your initial office and department are like “extracurricular activities,” at least according to Allison, a six-year veteran of Crowe who just got promoted into a manager role on the Audit team.

“I started in Nashville, but I told my career coaches”—another feature of working at Crowe—”that I wanted to move to Southern California eventually. A year later, there was a staffing need for people of my level in the Los Angeles offices, and I was able to make the move across the country and haven’t looked back since.”

And while she didn’t look back, Crowe did allow her to look forward: A couple years later, Allison participated in a secondment with another office in the Crowe Global network. Basically, she got to spend six months living and working in another country while still having her primary job in LA secured. 

Her destination? The Cayman Islands.

“I was able to experience working and living in a different environment,” Allison explains. “And I was literally in paradise!”

But this, Allison tells us, is just one of the many ways the Crowe experience for relatively new talent is different from other firms.

2. You Get Total Trust And Real Responsibility From Day One

When you’re on the Crowe team, no matter what level of seniority you are, they’re going to treat you like an equal. That means taking on real responsibilities—with plenty of help from your peers—and having the respect of the company from the very start.

That’s why policies like a relaxed dress code (when you’re not working on-site with a client) and remote working arrangements aren’t reserved for upper management like they frequently are at other companies. 

“This requires trust in our employees that they can both get the job done and know when to reach out for assistance,” Allison explains.

And that trust comes with real responsibility—something that Crowe people, even at the intern level, love about the company.

“When I was new at Crowe I was assigned a fixed asset project using a new depreciation calculation software,” David, a recent tax intern, recounts. “I did well on it, and ever since then I’ve been referred to as the ‘depreciation expert’ by people on my team.”

And that was just the beginning of David’s high-impact projects. He credits the wide variety of opportunities to Crowe’s unique combination of clients and superior resources.

“Crowe has a strong mix of small, medium, and large clients. Exposure to the variety of sizes allows you to learn gradually without the pressure or expectation to learn everything all at once,” David explains. “Because of the experience you acquire working with smaller clients and seeing the entire process with them, you are able to apply the same approach on a larger scale. Being able to take on more responsibility early on really accelerates your learning curve.”

3. Train The Way You Work—And Never Stop Learning

Something everyone we spoke to emphasized: The approach to training at Crowe makes perfect sense for the industry.

“The initial training is very hands-on with the group working together on case studies and collaborating just like we do on actual engagements,” Brandon, a senior staff member on the Audit team, tells us. This approach is especially helpful for new grads, who have had plenty of theoretical and textbook education but less experience in real working scenarios.

“The training helped me prepare for some of the technical skills I would have to utilize as well as some business etiquette, like talking to clients and how to present ourselves,” Evelyn, an Analytics Consultant, says.

In addition to the intensive, hands-on onboarding process, Crowe sets everyone up with Crowe University—an online learning platform that enables team members to learn new skills as needed and on the fly.

Of course, more than any formal education program, Crowe cultivates a culture of collaboration and mentorship. Everyone we spoke to at Crowe had both formal and informal mentors on their teams and on the senior staff, all of whom were willing to lend their expertise and advice whenever it was needed.

“The people at Crowe make the entry-level program here stand out in general,” Katelin, a Senior Auditor, tells us. “We have a vast group of people with different personalities, but everyone cares. Crowe looks for people who are willing to Care, Share, Invest, and Grow, and it shows.”

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