How to Get a Tech Job at a Global Bank

Alyssa Greenfield
How to Get a Tech Job at a Global Bank
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A job at a bank? That isn’t in financial services? There’s way more to a career at Deutsche Bank than you might expect.

From opening Digital Factories across the globe to developing the latest in artificial intelligence, blockchain, and automatic speech to launching a robo-advisor for investors, Deutsche Bank is pioneering the future of banking.

As an intern or graduate, you’ll experience firsthand what it takes to drive technological change in the financial world. To help you land a job at Deutsche Bank, we asked technology recruiter Harry Seaborn for some insider advice:

Why would a recent college grad want to work in tech at Deutsche Bank?

Recent grads add value from the moment they arrive. They receive comprehensive technical and soft-skills training, build their network and work on meaningful projects that are implemented and utilized by various groups. At Deutsche Bank, we take a technology-first approach for our clients around the world.

What types of technology jobs can recent grads apply to?

Whether you’re interested in technical positions or more business-facing roles, you’ll have the opportunity to explore a variety of different areas. Technologists can work as Developers or Business Analysts, pursuing roles in QA Testing, Cyber Security, Software Development, and more. Our fast-paced environment and focus on delivery means you’ll develop your skills quickly across a range of disciplines, and build an in-depth understanding of how technology powers change in the financial world.

What’s surprising about tech at Deutsche Bank?

We have global innovation labs where we look at emerging technologies and think about how we can use them. We’ve also put a large emphasis on our Cyber Security division. Some groups are even looking into machine learning and artificial intelligence. For example, the Deutsche Asset Management division has its own Robo technology, known as WISE, which is based on research and the combined knowledge of over 600 of our fund managers and analysts.  

How can someone make their application for a tech job stand out?

Highlight your technical skills, and show us why you’re passionate about technology. It’s also important to show us who you are and where your interests lie outside of work—sharing your hobbies might lead to an unexpected connection with someone who’s looking at your application.

How are in-person interviews structured there?

In the first round, candidates meet with two members of the technology business for about 30 minutes in a 2:1 setting. In the second round, they participate in two additional 30-minute back-to-back interviews with two interviewers in each session.

Any tips for rocking your in-person interview?

One of the most common questions candidates get asked is “what do you know about Deutsche Bank?” You don’t need to know everything, but showing that you’ve done your research never hurts. Also, be prepared for both behavioral and technical questions.

Anything else WayUp readers should know about interviewing or working for Deutsche Bank?

No matter what your background, there may be a position that’s right for you!

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