This Global Bank Cares More About These 5 Qualities Than Your Major (Yes, We’re Serious)

Alyssa Greenfield
This Global Bank Cares More About These 5 Qualities Than Your Major (Yes, We’re Serious)
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Most of us put a tremendous amount of thought into choosing our college major. Some of us even switch our major once or twice (or ten times) to get it right. Others wait until the last possible moment to decide.

And you know what? We get it! Just last night I spent 3 hours trying to figure out what I wanted for dinner. By the time I had settled on a restaurant, they were closed. I’ve been there.

Long story short: There’s a ton of pressure when it comes to choosing which program makes it on your diploma.

But—wait for it—we have some news to deliver. There is a prestigious company that thinks qualities like creativity and curiosity are more important than your major.

Yes, it exists. It’s Deutsche Bank.

Instead of solely focusing on major, the bank is taking an approach to hiring that you might not expect.


1. You’re Full of Creative Ideas

A bank might not conjure images of sitting around a table with co-workers, brainstorming ideas for your next project. But here’s the thing: When you’re trying to push boundaries, the typical world of financial services doesn’t apply. And that’s exactly what Deutsche Bank is doing.

How to show creativity during your interview: Highlight creative side projects and share how they make you a great candidate. Maybe you maintain your own food blog or spend your weekends painting or drawing. Look for opportunities to share how you think by offering fresh ideas about how you could contribute.

2. You’re a Natural Problem Solver

Deutsche Bank helps clients deal with real financial obstacles every day. Their employees similarly should want to go above and beyond to do their best possible work.  

No matter how much you’ve prepared, it’s inevitable that you’ll face problems you’ve never encountered before. How do you deal with that? You keep calm, focus, and break down the problem into manageable tasks that you can then tackle.

That’s the kind of thoughtfulness that Deutsche Bank wants—and needs—in the people it hires.

How to show you’re a problem solver during your interview: If your interviewer asks you about your work style or how you perform under pressure, take that opportunity to share an example of a time you stayed optimistic amid chaos.

Better yet, tell them about a time you didn’t—and then explain how you learned from that experience.

Your goal is to show how you’re the go-to person to find a solution to even the trickiest problems. Do that, and you’re sure to impress.

3. You’re Comfortable Challenging the Status Quo

You don’t become a global bank doing the same thing as everyone else. No matter your role, you’ll have a chance to make a real impact here. And showing you can do that starts long before you get the job.

How to show you can challenge the status quo during your interview: Want to showcase that you’re the kind of employee who improves processes and dreams up better, more efficient ways to get things done?

Share examples of times you went against conventional wisdom. Make sure you explain your rationale and thought process. That way the interviewer will really understand not just what you did but how you went about doing it.

4. You’re Endlessly Curious

There are so many career opportunities to pursue at Deutsche Bank. Take these interns, who spent their summers financing solar power and forecasting revenue.

Across departments, hiring managers are looking for people who don’t just take things at face value. They value candidates who are endlessly curious and love learning.  

How to show your curiosity during your interview: You can’t display this quality without doing your research. Impress the hiring managers by doing more than skimming a job description.

Research the people you’re meeting with, read articles about the company, study their website, and come prepared with smart questions. Pro tip: If you really want to stand out, check out Deutsche Bank’s Unofficial Guide to Banking beforehand. It’ll help you better understand finance, so you can come armed with knowledge and pointed questions.


5. You’re Resilient and Adaptable

No matter where you work, your job should challenge you to push through obstacles. Interviewers want to know that you won’t just tolerate the occasional hurdle. Will you bounce back quickly from tough days and continually push yourself outside of your comfort zone? That’s what Deutsche Bank is looking for.

How to show you’re resilient and adaptable during your interview: If you’re asked about a challenging project (or even to describe your work style), that’s the perfect opportunity to highlight these traits. Share how you were given additional responsibilities during a past job or internship. Talk about how you stuck with a challenging class. Deutsche Bank loves candidates who prefer rewarding work over easy work. (Though we promise it’s not always hard!)

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