How RSM Is Showing Their Appreciation of Employees

Maximilian Vanegas
How RSM Is Showing Their Appreciation of Employees
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National Employee Appreciation day provides companies an opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to employees. At RSM, showing appreciation, giving recognition and providing feedback are embedded into our culture – making these activities a part of every day of the year. We are grateful to each and every one of our nearly 12,000 unique, caring professionals who help our middle market clients succeed, support their colleagues both personally and professionally and work together to give back to our communities.

We asked our professionals to share why showing appreciation is important every day of the year:

“A small act of appreciation can encourage, inspire and let people know how much they are valued. People remember how you made them feel. Our people deserve gratitude when they’ve done something special.”  – Tracey Walker, national senior director of government affairs and culture, diversity and inclusion

“There are a lot of projects I’m working on that include individuals across different teams, and together we collaborate and lean on each other. It is those examples of demonstrating being a team player and going the extra length to help, which make showing appreciation to my teammates very important to me.” – Irna Lubis, project manager

“Part of being a great teammate and leader, regardless of level, is to show the appreciation for your team, and let them know that they matter and the work they do is critical to the outcomes that are being achieved.”— Brad DeVilbiss, senior director of strategy and innovation

“It’s important to let my teammates know I care, that I saw what they did, and that I appreciate them. As a society, we too often spend more time on the negatives, on what went wrong versus what went right. When someone goes above and beyond, it’s important to take the time to say: ‘Good job. Thank you, I appreciate you.’” – Michael Johnson, tax partner

“Taking the time to recognize how much of an impact a coworker has and showing them that you realize and appreciate their efforts will make them feel good about what they do. Feeling good about the work we do will not only increase productivity and improve interaction with our clients, but employees will also take those feeling home.”– Stefan Lanziner, consulting principal

“My best advice for giving teammates appreciation is to do it TIMELY! Timely appreciation/feedback is so much more impactful to the person receiving it than letting it sit until you get to it. I like to end each workday reflecting on who or what I was grateful for during the day (so it’s fresh in my head), and expressing that gratitude.”  –Brianne Cohen, senior HR generalist

“It’s important that your team knows you care about them as people, the effort they are putting forth and most importantly that it’s not always easy. The benefits of showing appreciation aren’t necessarily measurable, but you can bring a smile to your teammate’s day.”– Christina Churchill, consulting principal

“You can show your teammates appreciation by giving them your most valuable commodity, your time. You can take the time to answer their questions, provide feedback and cultivate a relationship.”  – Kelly McCarville, market development manager