How I Went From Graduating College To Running My Own Business

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Alyssa Greenfield
How I Went From Graduating College To Running My Own Business
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When you meet Amy, you know almost instantly that she’s driven to succeed. It’s fitting, then, that she found a dream job at a company whose business is built on putting people in the driver’s seat.

Let us explain.

While studying business management at Florida SouthWestern State College, she maintained an intense work schedule. Apart
from a full course load, she worked as a medical assistant and then as a dental office supervisor.

Difficult as it was at times, Amy—who was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to the U.S. as a teenager—knew the experience would help her achieve her dream of starting her own business.

Yet even with all her experience, she kept encountering the same obstacle during her post-grad job search: Every company seemed to require prior management experience. Instead of becoming discouraged, however, she continued to look for opportunities.

Then she heard about the Enterprise Management Training Program, which provided all the training necessary to learn how to run a business —no prior management experience needed.



Way More Than Car Rentals

Armed with her entrepreneurial spirit and customer service experience from her college jobs, Amy landed a spot in Enterprise’s program.

As excited as she was to start both her classroom and one-on-one training, she was even more excited to join her peers in the branch and use what she learned to help grow the business. It’s true that the Management Training Program teaches you how to run all aspects of a business, but getting to put that training into action is where the magic really happens.

For Amy, there was a defining moment when she realized her job had a real impact on people’s lives.

“A couple that had recently gotten married came into our branch,” she says. “They had a reservation for a mid-size vehicle, but I realized they had so many things with them—including a wedding dress. The car they rented wouldn’t have fit all their belongings, so I offered them a minivan upgrade. They were thrilled.”

As Amy knows well, it’s the little things that can truly have a profound impact.


The Road to Running Things

Though Amy’s only been at Enterprise for eight months, she’s grown her management and leadership skills more than she ever expected. She already feels empowered to make decisions that contribute to her branch’s success.

What about her dream of running her own business? “After I started working here, I felt like I didn’t need to go anywhere else,” she says.

Translation: She IS running a business—as a Management Trainee at Enterprise.

She also has an entire team behind her every day, from managers to peers, who celebrate her wins and help her succeed. They were right beside her for her biggest career achievement yet: passing her recent management exam, which came with a promotion to Management Assistant (her first at the company).

Yes, you read that right: She got a promotion after only eight months on the job.

Compared to other jobs she’s had, the recognition she receives at Enterprise is unparalleled. “Before Enterprise, I worked for five years and never got a promotion or acknowledgement for my work,” she says. “One of Enterprise’s Founding Values is ‘we work hard… and we reward hard work,’ and I’ve already experienced that firsthand.”

Interested in working in the Enterprise Management Training Program? Amy says the most successful candidates are dedicated, organized, self-motivated, great communicators, and curious.

Sound like you? Enterprise is hiring Management Trainees across the country now!

If you’re looking to jump-start your career with a clear path to advancement, then the Enterprise Management Training Program is for you. Whether you see yourself in sales, business development, customer service or operations, this program will prepare you to create your ideal career. As a Management Trainee, you can count on a defined career trajectory with a clear beginning and an open end — meaning you can take your training and shape your future. And with our promote-from-within philosophy, you will have plenty of opportunities to advance without ever having to change companies.