What It’s Like To Work In Tech At A World Renowned Travel Company

Mahogany Aminzia
What It’s Like To Work In Tech At A World Renowned Travel Company
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Expedia Group is a global travel platform that is a go-to for everyone’s travel needs. Their brands (Expedia, Hotels.com, Hotwire, Vrbo, and more!) help us book flights, hotels, and save money with their amazing deals. They also have a substantial b2b business catered to providing travel providers with technology solutions. When travel changed globally in 2020 Expedia Group rose to the occasion and innovated new ways to do travel – adding tools for customers and partners from booking flexibility to touchless technology in car rentals that help keep customers safe.

While travel has changed in the past year, much has stayed the same at Expedia Group such as its inclusive work culture, technology innovation, and an emphasis on employee well-being. To learn what it’s like to work at the company powering travel for everyone, everywhere, I spoke to two employees about their experience working at Expedia Group. 

Technology and personal development go hand in hand at Expedia Group.

Tuskegee University Alumna, Andrea Brown has been a Software Development Engineer at Expedia Group for a year and a half. She explained that her B.S. degree in Computer Science was a great foundation for her to thrive in the workforce. 

Andrea’s team focuses on the lodging Applied Programming Interface (API) with Expedia Group partners. This means her team makes navigating the complex processes of booking all aspects of the traveling process user-friendly! This saves customers time and money so they can book their travel needs through Expedia Group’s innovative design. 

After graduating from the University of Washington Bothell in 2019 with a B.S. in Computer Science, Jesus Moreno joined Expedia Group as a Software Development Engineer. When he first started his role he was paired with a senior developer to learn from him.

Learning and growth are a constant in his role, Jesus shared, “I’ve been supported to learn new things and take online courses about new technologies that we might use in the future.” In his day-to-day, Jesus balances team meetings, coding, testing, and developing new features for Expedia Group’s Financial Services team. 

At Expedia Group representation matters.

In her time at Expedia Group Andrea has participated in BEAM, Expedia Group’s black employee resource group. As a member of the BEAM, Andrea has had the opportunity to volunteer with Code2College an organization that helps develop a pipeline of diverse, technical talent for the workforce. 

When asked to give advice to students who experience imposter syndrome, Andrea emphasized that, “The majority of people do not want to see your downfall.” Andrea’s experience as an engineer has been a positive one.

Jesus is a member of LEAD, which connects Latinos at Expedia Group to join mentorship programs and other community efforts. As a member of LEAD Jesus has participated in several community events and volunteer opportunities. Jesus attributes his involvement in LEAD to opening him up to opportunities to contribute to the Seattle community.

Most recently Jesus has been participating in a mentorship program for a scholarship that he received while in university. “Last week I was reading essays for people who applied for the scholarship and grading those essays,” he said. 

Expedia Group’s supportive network helps employees thrive. 

At Expedia Group, there’s an emphasis on employee well-being, especially during the pandemic. Andrea shared, “Expedia Group allows you to balance your work life and your home life. There are hard-working people here, who understand that you need time to take care of yourself.”

Overall Andrea describes the company culture as friendly, personable, and finds that people are approachable and willing to answer any questions you might have. When working in the office, Andrea explained that there are plenty of opportunities to get to know your coworkers through company-wide events and team outings. 

What Jesus likes the most about working at Expedia Group is how much he’s been able to learn and grow. “I think it’s very important to learn new skills for Software Development because things are constantly changing and growing. I’m able to get these skills and hopefully apply them in the future,” said Jesus.  

He described the work culture at Expedia Group as a collaborative and hands-on environment with open dialogue. “The people are hardworking and passionate about what they do,” said Jesus. What he likes most about working at Expedia Group, is the company’s ability to connect people through travel and to expand people’s horizons.

BONUS: Before signing off with Andrea and Jesus I asked them to provide advice for students interested in working at Expedia Group, here’s what they had to say. 

Jesus encourages students to spend more time working on projects outside of the classroom. Have fun creating websites or applying your skills to a passion project, because you can bring those skills with you to the workforce. 

Andrea says, “You don’t have to know everything in the interview, they want people who they can groom. They’re not looking for perfect people.”

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