4 Reasons This Global FinTech Company Is Perfect For New Grads

Liam Berry
4 Reasons This Global FinTech Company Is Perfect For New Grads
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Unless you’re a FinTech aficionado, chances are you haven’t heard of FactSet. They’re a global, multibillion-dollar financial technology and data giant. They work with thousands of the world’s most important finance professionals to equip them with the data needed to make key decisions. But that’s just their business model.

One of the things that makes FactSet stand out as a company is their reputation as a superb employer. Here’s a quick roundup of some of the things that make FactSet such a special place to work.

1. You Won’t Have To Wait To Work On Industry-Shaping Projects

FactSet folks take team-bonding seriously.

You don’t solve industry-wide issues alone. In fact, most companies can’t even solve them together. But that’s why FactSet is different. Their culture of teamwork and close collaboration means everyone—from entry-level employees to executives—has a voice and an ability to make an impact. This truly sets them apart from other tech companies. Yes, they’re home to thousands of the best engineers, programmers, product managers, and analysts, but their small, nimble teams don’t operate under strict hierarchies and slow processes.

One commitment they make to every employee: From day one, you’ll be doing real work as an equal partner.

2. They’re Seriously Focused On Innovation: From Hack-A-Thons To Grace Hopper

When you work in an industry where speed, scale, and unique analysis are what make your company competitive, innovation is pretty important.

FactSet helps foster outside-the-box thinking with events like their yearly 48-hour hack-a-thon—during which employees can work on any passion project they like, no FinTech component required—and their attendance of conferences like the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing.

The FactSet booth at Grace Hopper—a convention that celebrates and unites female technologists.

Events like this remind FactSet people that breakthroughs often come when you’re least expecting them and that learning to approach problems differently can lead to amazing results. If you’re looking for a team that’s not only open to but actively seeking the next great facet of FinTech, FactSet is the place to go and build your vision.

3. You’ll Join A Community That Makes A Difference

FactSet employees did 6,700+ hours of volunteering and community service last year. Their commitment to social causes centers around four philanthropic pillars: inspiring tomorrow’s engineers, elevating education, alleviating food insecurity, and protecting our environment. Everything from coding camps to park cleanups and food drives are available to FactSet employees in pursuit of these goals.

And on top of all that, these events are a great opportunity for members of the FactSet team to bond with their coworkers.

4. Their Benefits Are Designed To Delight

FactSet’s benefits package is guided by the same principle as their innovative teams: everyone is important.

From the start, FactSet employees get four weeks of paid time off in addition to nine company holidays. They offer free working lunch Monday through Thursday, snacks, and beverages in the office, in addition to wellness programs and gym discounts. Plus, they offer a 401k program with a four percent match, an employee stock purchase program, and referral bonuses. And, of course, they offer comprehensive medical, dental, and vision care at little or no cost.

If you’re like most people at the company, you’re also probably wondering about professional development. Good news: FactSet is a supporter of continuing education! For those seeking the CFA, FactSet offers bonuses to passing employees, paid time off to study, and exam cost reimbursements.

So, whether you’re looking to expand your skill set or deepen your impact, FactSet is the perfect place to kick off your career in the world of FinTech.

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