How and Why to Write Follow-Up Emails [Templates Included]

Katelyn Hare
How and Why to Write Follow-Up Emails [Templates Included]

After attending an event, whether it is a career fair, networking event, a conference, or any random encounters that involves collecting a few business cards, it is always a must to send out a follow up email. A follow-up email is a good way to thank the person for their time and insight in the conversation. It shows them that you understood what the conversation was about and that you are taking what they said into consideration in your life and work. It will also connect with them on a personal level and you will be accepted and added into their network; you can add them to your network as well.

I’m going to show you some example follow up emails that have gained responses. You may customize these however you like depending on your situation.

Follow Up On A Discussion

Subject: [Event]

Hello [Name],

I wanted to say it was great meeting you at [Event] last Thursday. Thank you for looking at my PHP and warning me about my MySQL statements. I’m going to start researching PDO extensions and implying them to my work.
Thank you for the heads up,
[Your Name]

With a Goal in Mind

Subject: [School]’s Career Fair

Hello [Name on Business Card],

It was great meeting you at the career fair at [school] on Thursday. I’m sure you met a lot of students and you may not remember me, but I’m a 5th quarter web and interactive student here at [school].
I’m not sure if your company offers mock interviews, but I’m very interested in speaking to someone who updates your website to see about securing a mock interview.
It was nice talking to you and learning about your company and what it could offer someone like me. I have also attached my resume for review. If you have any questions please let me know.
Thanks again,
[Your Name]

When You Didn’t Get a Chance to Speak

Hello [Name],

I was at the [School]’s career fair on Thursday. I’m sorry I missed you. You’re table seemed very busy. I’m currently a 5th quarter student at [School]. I go there for Multimedia Web and Interactive. I would love to learn more about your company and see what it could offer someone with my credentials. I would be interested in discussion about a mock interview or internship opportunity. I will not be eligible for an internship until April 2014, but I did not want to pass up the opportunity.

Thank you,
[Your Name]


  • Always respond within 48 hours of the business card exchange
  • If you gave out your business card too, be the first one to follow up even if they don’t
  • If you don’t get a business card, but you know the representative or company, you can try to find their email address online. Some events, such as career fairs, have a list of websites and email addresses

The examples above are actual follow up emails that I have sent. The first one eventually lead to a job offer, the second one lead to securing my mock interview needed to pass a college course and the third lead to a temporary gig. Also, I want to note that the job and the mock interview happened because my initial email was passed along to someone who could help me or someone who was looking for a position to fill. Follow up emails can lead to even more connections.