How To Get The Most Out Of Your Thanksgiving Break (Hint: Apply To Internships)

Liam Berry
How To Get The Most Out Of Your Thanksgiving Break (Hint: Apply To Internships)

Before you were in college and there was Thanksgiving break, there was just the holiday. And Thanksgiving was one of those holidays that you hated when you were a kid because:

  1. It had committed the unforgivable sin of not being Christmas (or any other gift-giving holiday).
  2. You let yourself eat whatever you want all year, so, like, why is this special?

But once you’re in college (and after), the quality of Thanksgiving increases steeply. You get a pretty significant break from school. You can see your high school friends. It’s basically just back-to-back partying.

However, that doesn’t mean it should only be for fun. Thanksgiving break is the perfect opportunity to apply to jobs & internships. Here’s why.

1. You’ve Got Some Free Time

Pictured: You, in less than a week.

Let’s face it: Even if you’re going out every night with your friends (And who could blame you?) during Thanksgiving break, you’ve still got time for a few applications during the day.

Go to the library or even a Starbucks and get to work. You should be working hard on your apps, and remember that every application is good practice for the ones that really matter to you.

Just get applying. Start here.

2. You’ve Got Your Own Personal Proofreaders

Probably said with exactly this tone and exactly this face, too.

Everything (except sleeping in, going out, and eating Dominos at 3 AM) is easier with Mom, Dad, or an older sibling around. In some cases, even a younger, smart, more responsible sibling will do. Anything that requires brainwork and attention to detail can benefit from some parental or sibling advice.

You might have to listen to a few lectures about the importance of fiscal responsibility or why you should’ve come home earlier last night, but it’s probably worth it to get an extra pair of eyes on your personal statement.

3. You Can Hunt Down A Referral While You’re Home

If it’s good enough for Paris, then it’s good enough for you.

Don’t underestimate the value of a parent network.

Look up your friends’ parents on LinkedIn, ask around, and even do some research in the local “Your Town’s Name Moms and Dads” group on Facebook. If you’re really lucky, and if your parents ask nicely and promise to do the same, you could snag a referral for a job or internship you’re already applying to. What’s more likely is that you could be referred to a job or an internship you’ve never heard of, but hey, you’ve got to start somewhere.

Have Fun & Make Progress

It’s possible to be productive AND totally relaxed. Try sending three apps a day from Wednesday to Sunday (excluding Turkey Day).

Happy (Turkey/job) hunting!