Google Hangout: Jumpstart Your Career in 2013

Jenny Xie
Google Hangout: Jumpstart Your Career in 2013

WayUp is excited to be a voice for SELF Magazine’s 13 Resolutions for a Better 2013, a series of Google Hangouts hosted by experts in everything from eating well, to finding love, to saving money. In this installment, team member Nathan Parcells joins a panel of other speakers to dish about how to jumpstart your career in the new year.

Besides our very own, you’ll be hearing bits of wisdom from Dan Schawbel, best-selling author and personal branding guru; Grant Cardone, sales expert and motivational speaker; Nicole Williams, LinkedIn’s career expert; and Erica Nicole, founder and CEO of YFS Magazine.

Jump in if you’re serious about getting ahead in your career in 2013–we cover topics like how to set short- and long-term goals, personal branding, identifying your strengths, and much more.

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