How to Ace the Audition Interview

Katelyn Hare
How to Ace the Audition Interview

Like actors and dancers who have to audition in order to get a job, some jobs in other industries require auditions as well.

We see this in the tech field where programmers have to complete a coding project to demonstrate what they can do. We also see this in the education field where educators audit classes and take over for a lesson while someone else evaluates them.

Auditions shouldn’t scare you; they are there to see if you can do what you say you can do. It allows you to demonstrate your skills instead of explaining your skills and it shows you a glimpse of what your job is going to be like. Here are some tips on how to ace the audition interview:

Clearly Understand the Instructions For the Exercise

Jot down everything you are suppose to do, even down to how they want you to submit it. I had an audition once where they told me to type my name a certain way just to see if I read the instructions correctly.

Treat the Audition As If You Already Have the Job

This is a sample of what you would be doing as an employee. Pretend that you are already employed and treat the assignment like your boss assigned it to you. Be professional and thorough.

Take Ownership of Your Work

This is still an interview, so if someone asks why you are doing it a certain way, tell them in a confident manner about your approach. Don’t be intimidated.

Do Your Best and Re-read the Instructions

The employer wants to know how well you follow directions. Don’t stress out about being perfect. Just do your best.

Interviews are tough enough as it is, and it can be daunting to find out you have to audition for the part too. Just remember to treat it as if you are already employed and give it your best shot!
Did you have to audition for your job?

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