How to Get Hired on WayUp

Kema Christian-Taylor - WayUp Staff
How to Get Hired on WayUp

Did you know that 1 in 3 students who apply for a job on WayUp get hired? While signing up for an account is a great first step, there are a few simple ways that you can set yourself up for success during your job search. Based on our findings, here are the 5 best ways to grab an employer’s attention and get hired quickly on WayUp.

1. Upload a professional headshot

Presentation matters: It’s as simple as that.  Your professional headshot shows employers that you are putting your best foot forward during your job search and want to ensure that you’re being taken seriously as a candidate. While it’s not necessary to be dressed to the nines, you should put extra effort into your outfit and your appearance for your headshot. A good rule of thumb: no sweats and no club attire.

Upload your professional headshot on your WayUp profile, and employers will be able to see you as you are: a future professional.

2. Add details to your profile

When employers post a job on WayUp, they add filters like major, GPA and hobbies in order to receive the types of applicants they want. That’s why it’s important to add as many details as possible to your profile–from extracurriculars to related classwork. By doing so, you’ll increase the number of jobs you see in your dashboard.

Your WayUp profile is your online professional profile, and employers have told us how much they love being able to see your accomplishments in an easy-to-access link. We recommend including the link to your public profile in the signature of your email to show off your achievements in all future communications!

3. Be proactive

When you see a job on WayUp that interests you, apply immediately. Employers tend to put a cap on the number of applicants they receive – as a result, a job will stay open on our site for a median of 52 hours – less than 3 days!

Don’t wait to apply – you could be missing out on an opportunity that will boost your resume (and your wallet!). Sign up for our weekly job notification emails to really stay on top of your job search.

4. Maximize your chances

Always apply to more than one job – it will ensure that become more comfortable with the job search and it will increase your chances of getting hired!

Not to mention that because 1 in 3 students who apply for a job on WayUp get hired, you’ve already maximized your chances of getting a job just by using WayUp!

5. Be responsive

If you follow the steps above, an employer will inevitably reach out to you over email or by phone.  When this happens, respond in a timely manner (no more than 24 hours!) so that you show the employer that you have a vested interest in the position – and secure your first interview as quickly as possible!

You should also make sure to communicate with an employer like you would with a professor – that means including a greeting, avoiding slang and having full, grammatically correct sentences.

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