How To Stop Saying Filler Words During An Interview

Liam Berry
How To Stop Saying Filler Words During An Interview

If you want to perfect your interview skills, then there’s a major beast you have to learn to conquer first: filler words. How can you stop saying filler words during an interview? The answer to this question (and many others) is mindfulness and practice.

For those unfamiliar with filler words, I present exhibit A:

Don’t think Patrick gets too many second interviews.

We can promise that if you pepper your interview responses with “ummms,” “likes,” and “uhhhs,” then your chances of coming off as confident, intelligent, and hire-able plummet. It makes you sound like you didn’t prepare ahead of time and don’t really care about the job.

How To Stop Saying Fillers Words During Interviews

In order to stop saying filler words, you have to start paying attention to the way you speak. Be mindful of talking too fast, rambling, and speaking without thinking first.

Remember everything you were taught to do in presentations at school? Yeah, you need to do that in the real world too. Project from the chest and speak intentionally slower than you’re inclined to. This slowdown will make you sound more confident and thoughtful. Plus, it’ll give you time to consciously prevent yourself from saying filler words.

Another great way to do this is to practice your answers to some of the most common interview questions ahead of time. Have an answer in mind for questions like, “Why do you want this job?” and “Tell me about yourself.” This will allow you to focus on your presentation skills instead of the content of your answer.

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