Meet the Company That’s Changing How Work Gets Done

Meet the Company That’s Changing How Work Gets Done
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How do you feel about a job where you can make a global impact, use the most advanced software technologies, and work with passionate people every day? Sounds like a pretty great place to start or advance your career to us!

Infor and its team of over 15,000 employees provide cloud-based business software solutions to companies in just about every industry you can think of (The Cheesecake Factory, Nissan, Foot Locker and Lockheed Martin are just a few of their customers). In short, the Infor team is completely reshaping the way people do business, and how the world operates.

Ready for a challenging job where you can clearly see the impact of your work? Read on for three ways Infor team members are achieving amazing things for the companies they work with.

Infor Employees Helped Skills Inc. Increase Orders (and Productivity)
Because of Infor’s work, aerospace industry contract manufacturer Skills Inc. reported a 510 percent uptick in orders from one of its biggest customers, increased its number of on-time deliveries, and improved overall workplace productivity. Best of all, measurable impact isn’t just an occasional thing. At Infor, it’s the status quo.

Infor Improved Hospital Care in a Big Way

The Infor team used its technology to cut down over 65,000 hours of time spent on organizing patient processes at the Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey. As a result, appointments get scheduled 5 to 10 times faster than before when everything was done via a phone call. Infor’s technology also led to greater communication and freed up more time for doctors to spend with their patients. Infor employees may not be working in a hospital, but they still have a huge impact on patient care.

Infor Optimized the Biggest Particle Collider in the World

CERN is the largest particle physics research center in the world, and the home of the Large Hadron Collider, the world’s biggest particle collider. The center, which serves up key information about the particles of the universe to 10,000 scientists, called on Infor to optimize its equipment and figure out ways to keep its infrastructure intact without interrupting work to perform maintenance. And they achieved just that. The work of Infor employees resulted in a 50 percent reduction in maintenance and gave CERN scientists the ability to process certain information 15 times faster than before. Talk about a world-changing job.

Outcomes like these are part of the reason Infor employees come to work every day. Want to learn more? Check out Infor’s company page on WayUp.

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