5 Interns Reveal Why Working for John Deere Is the Best Decision

Lily Herman
5 Interns Reveal Why Working for John Deere Is the Best Decision


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Finding an internship that offers you top-notch training, challenging projects, long-term connections, and professional development skills can be hard to find. Luckily, we can think of one place in particular that fits the bill: John Deere.

We chatted with five John Deere interns about why the company is the best place to work! If you want to get similarly amazing experiences, apply to work for John Deere on WayUp now!

1. You Come Away With So Many New Skills


“Working as an intern at John Deere has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have known. Having the chance to apply classroom knowledge with the technical skills I gained while working on real-life engineering problems has been invaluable. Engineering is about solving problems and making a change, and John Deere gave me the chance to do that.” – Michael, Product Engineer Intern

You know you’ve worked an amazing internship when you walk away from it feeling like you’ve learned a ton, and John Deere makes sure every single intern feels this way.

2. You Build an Entire Network


“My favorite part about working for John Deere is being able to express myself and my personal interest without being held down in my position. This includes being involved with different Employee Resource Groups such as International Cultural Exchange, Black Employee Resource Group, QC Women’s REACH, Rainbow and Allies, and the vast variety of volunteer opportunities. I have found over my two summers that Deere is very much open to showcasing excellence and interest within its employees. Everyone at Deere wants you to succeed no matter what direction or field you decide to end up in.” – Abagail, Marketing Intern

The best internships don’t just give you a great learning experience; they also make sure you’re exposed to an entire networking of people dedicated to making your career great.

3. You Get Real Work and Are Challenged


“I have been working for John Deere since I was a freshman in college. The reason I keep coming back is because of the opportunities I have been presented with in each of the different positions I’ve been in. From the challenging projects that help me to grow in my career and accounting knowledge, to the people I work with who are always willing to give me a helping hand, I wouldn’t trade my intern and part-time student experiences for anything.” – Liz, Agriculture Finance Intern

No intern is grabbing the boss’ coffee or picking up dry cleaning at John Deere; it’s all about working hard and getting new experiences.

4. You Get Intern-Specific Professional Development


“The fantastic internship program that John Deere offers made it easy for me to want to join the John Deere team this summer. The company provides endless opportunities through this program including networking, professional growth, and real-world learning experiences. You take part in a two-day Intern Conference, in-depth project opportunities, and become immersed in the culture. The Deere approach to mentorship and management is unparalleled.” – Natalie, Customer and Channel Experience Intern

A two-day conference specifically geared towards interns? Count us in!

5. You Make Long-lasting Relationships and Receive Support


“This is my first internship with John Deere and I absolutely look forward to coming to work every day. I am not just doing busy work. I have been given projects that are actually adding value to John Deere’s operation. The culture at John Deere is truly amazing. No matter who you talk to, everyone’s door is always open if you have questions.” – Tess, Supply Management Intern

John Deere’s team understands how important it is for interns to have support and mentorship to thrive, and it makes sure every single intern gets any help he or she needs.

Interning at John Deere is a win-win, and the best news is, they’re looking for you: John Deere is hiring right now on WayUp, so apply before the deadline!

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