Internship Advice I learned Working for Sports Radio

Mandie Miller
Internship Advice I learned Working for Sports Radio

I interned at iHeart Media radio station with KJR 950 sports talk radio. All in all, I will take away some Adobe Audition skills, which is a software I really like working with. In general, I think the internship was great! I made podcasts filling in descriptions & pictures and made audio cuts from Seahawks and Mariners players, guests & hosts that were used on the air, which was super fun. I will take away from this experience a foot in the door in the audio industry, meeting some good people, more audio skills, podcasting ability and some sports knowledge that I never had before. I hope the contacts I have made will stay friends or at least be good references in my network. It is still weird not to be going there Monday-Friday anymore, and I was sad when it ended.

Advice I would have for those wanting to land and succeed at an in internship:

  1. Keep on it. E-mail multiple times if you have to. Be persistent without being a pest. Don’t give up until you get a yes.
  2. Be on time, even be early if possible. I think it is super important because time is precious, and people don’t want their time wasted. Showing you can follow a schedule proves you care about what you are doing.
  3. Listen, especially when you are getting instructions or orders. When you pay attention and do things right the first time, it shows you are competent and want to impress your higher-ups. Plus, people don’t often like to repeat themselves.
  4. Ask questions. If you don’t know something or can’t remember, it’s better to ask someone than to miss the mark.
  5. Be friendly. Show your personality, and try to bond with people and find things that you have in common with them. They with be happier if you are likable.
  6. Put in the work. When someone asks you to do something, do it to the best of your ability, and if that person wants you to stay late to work on an extra project or activity, do it with enthusiasm. The effort will be appreciated.