3 JCPenney Employees Reveal the Coolest Things They’re Working on Right Now

Lily Herman
3 JCPenney Employees Reveal the Coolest Things They’re Working on Right Now

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What’s it like to work for one of the most historic retail brands in American history? JCPenney might be turning 115 this year (yes, it was founded in 1902!), but the company is still one of the most innovative organizations around. In fact, JCP has some of the most cutting-edge technology out there, and its team members are incredibly excited about the projects they get to work on.

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1. Creative Engineering That Makes the Shopping Experience Fun

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“We are developing Android and iOS applications that help our customers find and purchase products that are both relevant and exciting to [them]. We are innovating by working with partners who are the best at what they do in the technology space. I love coming in every morning and reviewing the data to see what is working or not (and that’s okay!). Data helps us refine our process and produce top quality products – but it’s the creativity of the team that gives us the spark to create in the first place.” – Karl, Senior Manager

One of the best parts about working on a tech team for a major retailer is that creativity matters a lot. You’re not just coding apps; you’re taking on the challenge of making the shopping experience as amazing as possible from someone’s phone!

2. Tablet App Designs That Make Browsing Easy

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“Currently, I am working on creating a native tablet experience for the JCPenney apps. As design lead for the native apps, I have the pleasure of ensuring true user-centric designs are implemented to our customer’s digital experience. Being able to positively impact millions of customers for such an iconic brand while working in a ‘startup’ framework environment is what excites me the most about my work here at JCPenney.” – Matt, UX Design Lead

By creating a startup-like environment where team members are free to share ideas and constantly reiterate, new product updates are released constantly, and everyone’s kept on their toes. In the case of JCPenney, being a big organization just means adding more enthusiastic, smart, and insightful voices into the mix.

3. Push Notifications That Make the Experience Better

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“The coolest thing I’ve worked on at JCPenney was the push notifications research. I was asked to look into how to get push notifications on the JCPenney mobile website. This involved searching the web for third parties who offer that service, then planning how to integrate it within JCPenney. This was really cool because I was able to start it from scratch, and got to work with many people at JCP, including the sales and analytics teams, to decide how we should integrate a third party service. It helped me learn about different teams and their roles within the company, and I was able to bring insights back to my own team.” – Cameron, Software Engineer Co-Op

If you’re surrounded by so many smart, intelligent people, why wouldn’t you pick their brains as you work on new projects? At JCPenney, any initiative is truly a team effort, with members of several departments pitching in to see how their ideas can go from brainstorm to final product.

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