These Jobs Will Get Back To Students And Recent Grads Within 24 Hours

Liam Berry
These Jobs Will Get Back To Students And Recent Grads Within 24 Hours

One of the most frustrating problems for any college student or recent grad seeking a first full-time job (or even an internship) is the applicant black hole. Ever heard of it? It’s when you submit a job application…and never hear back again. And it’s a real thing: In fact, 98 percent of resumes are never reviewed. Ever. 

On the flipside, employers have a similar problem. Each corporate job opening attracts an average of 250 resumes, and companies have limited staff to review them. So, hiring teams only review 2 percent (!) of applicants. Or they use resume-scanning applications that end up inadvertently excluding great candidates.

That’s why WayUp introduced Source, Screen & Coach. Every applicant who applies to a Source, Screen & Coach job on WayUp is notified in under 24 hours whether they’ll be moving on in the process. Even better, all qualified candidates then get to schedule a guaranteed phone screen. 

After the phone screen, WayUp’s early-career specialists provide personalized soft-skills feedback and career coaching. And that’s a big deal: More than 60 percent of employers say that candidates don’t pass interview rounds because they lack soft skills. 

WayUp’s early-career specialists also inform all candidates if they pass the screen in under 24 hours. For those who do pass, the WayUp team offers tips for the next interview round and even sends a packet of information about the company’s culture and perks and benefits. This is part of why WayUp’s candidates do so well in securing final-round interviews and job offers.

So, before you send your students to another job board where they’ll wait weeks or months (or forever) to hear back from companies, consider referring them to the Source, Screen & Coach opportunities on WayUp. We’ve partnered with these companies to fill open roles in their organizations efficiently, so have your students apply today!

What Candidates Have To Say About The WayUp Process

“Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I am excited to be a part of ‘Super Day’ next week.  I also want to thank you so much for the feedback. That was actually my first ever over the phone interview and I am happy I was able to experience that with this academy. I will take all of your tips and advice!”

  • Monica, a successful candidate for a teaching position

“Thank you for the feedback on the interview. I truly appreciate it and look forward to working on those aspects as I continue in my job search!”

  • John, a candidate for a technology role who needed help with soft skills

“Thank you for all the feedback and tips, it is very helpful! I will use them to guide me through the interview process in the future, especially in the Sales position.”

  • Sarah, a successful candidate for a sales position