John Deere Influenced These 5 Technologies We Use Every Single Day

Lily Herman
John Deere Influenced These 5 Technologies We Use Every Single Day
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When we think of some of the biggest technological advances of the past 10 to 20 years, we all probably have some idea of which types of companies came up with those inventions. But here’s something you didn’t know: A lot of the technology you use today, from your smartphone apps to computer storage, was actually created decades ago by people working in agriculture and construction.

Who’s helped lead this tech charge? The answer is simple: It’s agriculture and machinery giant John Deere. So, which everyday innovations did John Deere influence? Here are five huge ones.

1. Self-Driving Vehicles


When you think of self-driving vehicles, your thoughts most likely turn to those funny-looking Google cars making their way through your neighborhood.

But here’s a fun fact: John Deere is actually helped pioneer auto-steering and other key driving technologies we’re just now seeing on the roads. While John Deere initially came up with smart tractors and other vehicles to make farming more efficient, its tech has led to huge advances for vehicles and machinery as a whole.

2. GPS

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Long before you bought a Garmin for your car and downloaded a million apps to your phone, John Deere’s engineers were creating GPS systems for the company’s machinery to keep track of locations and geography when farming gigantic plots of land.

In fact, some farmers have been using John Deere’s GPS technology for over a decade and a half. Talk about being ahead of the curve.

3. Front-End Displays


When you look at any app on your phone, you probably care a great deal about the display screen being simple, straightforward, and easy to use. This has been a long-time focus of John Deere’s display and receiver technology, because if people in agriculture aren’t able to understand how different technologies are affecting their farming strategies, it affects the entire cycle.

4. Cloud Data


You’ve probably heard all about the fancy cloud computing people are using to wirelessly enter and store piles and piles of data. Guess who started that trend long before it was trendy? You guessed it: Farmers and agricultural specialists were using it to keep track of their crops and harvests long before other industries realized its power.

Believe it or not, farming nowadays is just as much about data as it is about the crops themselves. Without using technology to keep track of every part of the process (from how close to plant seeds to when to harvest it), our farms wouldn’t be as efficient as they are today. 

5. Internet of Things


While it may sound like slang, the internet of things (IoT for short) is when several physical devices are connected to the same network, allowing them to work as one to achieve a given result.

As you probably assume by now, one of the first industries to harness the power of the IoT was agriculture, where farmers were using John Deere technology. Think about it: A farmer is typically using multiple machines to plant, nurture, and harvest a single crop to make it ready for sale, not to mention all the data being collected to make that happen as efficiently as possible.

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