JPMorgan Chase Tech Career Spotlight: Meet Strategy Analyst Veer Patel

Alyssa Greenfield
JPMorgan Chase Tech Career Spotlight: Meet Strategy Analyst Veer Patel
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Just a few years ago, if you told candidates from JPMorgan Chase’s Technology Analyst Program that they’d be working at a bank after graduation, they wouldn’t have believed you. After all, they majored in information technology and information management systems—not finance. So what changed? We’ll let them answer that. This three-part series takes you inside the tech careers of JPMorgan Chase employees.

What do you do at JPMorgan Chase?
I recently graduated from the Technology Analyst Program and now I’m a Strategy Analyst on the Global Technology Strategy, Innovation and Partnerships team. I support the coverage leads in the areas of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure. Our team helps drive technology strategy across the firm by partnering with internal teams on their strategic objectives.

If someone told you a few years ago that you’d be working for a bank, what would your response have been?
Based on my major in college, I would have told that person that a job at a bank may not be the best fit for me. After researching and interviewing for a technology summer analyst role at the firm, I discovered that there are a lot of technology needs in banking. After realizing the impact of the work I completed as a summer analyst, I knew that a technology career at JPMorgan Chase would be promising.

Can you share an example of how JPMorgan Chase has helped you grow as a professional since you joined?
I’ve had the chance to meet with our leaders in technology in business meetings, mentoring sessions and networking events. Everyone wants to take you under their wing and see you grow. I heard about my current job because of an internal network that I was able to develop. The culture and individuals at JPMorgan Chase have helped me and others grow.

What’s one of the coolest things JPMorgan Chase does with technology?
Chase Pay is one of my favorite examples of our technology at work. We partner with different FinTechs and merchants to let people pay directly through the mobile app.  It is amazing to see how Chase Pay has changed the way we pay for merchandise.

What would you say to someone who’s skeptical about a technology career at a bank?
Technology is a top priority at JPMorgan Chase, where we invest $9.5 billion in technology each year. As a financial institution, customers put a lot of trust in us to keep their money safe, and you need the best technology and people to do so. At JPMorgan Chase, you’ll see those elements working together very well.

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