It’s Not Too Late To Get A Summer 2019 Internship!

Paula Conrad
It’s Not Too Late To Get A Summer 2019 Internship!

Are you counting down the days to the end of your school year? Maybe you’ve got a few exams left or maybe you’re already home free. Either way, one thing is coming up whether you’re ready or not: summer internship season.

If you’re sitting in your dorm or childhood bedroom right now and thinking, “I haven’t applied for a single internship,” then do not despair. New internships are showing up every day on WayUp because—believe it or not—there are always more opportunities opening up at companies.

If you’re internship-less and don’t know where to start, then start right here, right now by reading this quick guide.

Instead Of Giving Up, Start Your Internship Search Now

But where should you start your search?  Thousands of companies—including startups, Fortune 500s, and everything in between—are still searching for Summer 2019 interns. Maybe they had too many positions and couldn’t fill them all yet, or maybe they just realized the need for a new marketing intern for their latest product. Either way, the reality is that thousands of companies are still hiring on WayUp right now.

Worried that you’ll be competing against hundreds of applicants? Well, WayUp has that covered. Once you’ve created a profile and logged into the homepage you’ll receive an endless feed of jobs tailored to your qualifications, expressed interest, and academic/professional background. With your custom job feed, you’re bound to find an internship that matches you closely.

Of course, finding internships you want to apply for is only the beginning.  You also have to have your resume ready to go.  Check out resume beginner guides to get yourself on the right track and make sure you have a couple different versions of your resume for different industries (if you’re applying to a wide range of jobs).

Even if you’re not looking for a full-blown internship, there are plenty of amazing part-time summer jobs on WayUp, too. These, too, can be great money-makers and resume-builders for people early in their college career.

The most important thing to do is actually apply. So make your WayUp profile, get your resume ready, and start searching today!