Learn to hustle and get paid! WayUp needs interns too.

Nathan Parcells
Learn to hustle and get paid! WayUp needs interns too.

For the fourth semester in a row, WayUp is recruiting student ambassadors. We are looking for enthusiastic and outgoing students to represent WayUp at:

  • University of Michigan: Ann Arbor
  • Boston University
  • University of Illinois at Urbana Champagne
  • Howard University
  • Hampton University
  • New York University
  • UC San Diego
  • UC Berkeley

Our 10 week student ambassador program which focuses on marketing, also doubles as a crash course on startup methodologies with workshops on:

  • Conducting user experience (UX) research
  • Pitching to a large audience
  • Guerilla marketing strategies
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies
  • Startup best practices

We at WayUp go the extra mile to ensure an incredible internship experience. It’s a fun job, and someone gets to do it. Student ambassadors get access to one-on-one mentorship, lessons on how to use professional marketing software (like Hootsuite, Google Analytics, and more), and a private speaker series.

In addition, Campus Ambassadors get paid commission for each student they sign up and also receive cash bonuses for meeting performance goals.

If this sounds like a program you want to be a part of apply right now!

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