Video: Life At Accenture Federal Services

Video: Life At Accenture Federal Services
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Accenture Federal Services helps clients solve their toughest problems the first time—and change how people work and live. What is it like to work at Accenture Federal Services? Watch this video to find out!

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Maya: Accenture, they basically sold me a dream.

Xavier: If I could describe Accenture Federal in one word it would be innovation.

Celia: Accenture has been a great place to start my career.

Xavier: The first thing I would say is if you enjoy helping others then this is a place for you.

Maya: And in our case it’s like helping our client get to what they need because essentially we’re all consultants. Consultants help people we solve problems.

Xavier: We develop technology. We’re helping other corporations succeed as well as the government. So what attracted me to AFS is the fact that my full time helping others is helping the nation.

Maya: I think Accenture Federal Services is in a very interesting intersection between private business solution and public sector work. It’s a really cool space to be in.

Xavier: But also because of the professional development opportunities and the technical development. I’ve been sponsored on two certifications. So it’s kind of changed me to become a better person and it’s also a change for me to be more effective at the things that I do.

Celia: Coming out of college I really did not know what I wanted to do and so what was so appealing about Accenture was that I could have so many different roles all while having the same job and working for the same company.

Maya: One thing that you see here is you see a lot of women executives when I see managing directors or senior managers who are women who look like me I’m like oh and one day I can get there you know.

Xavier: You gotta learn to love change and in order to really thrive here.

Maya: No one I feel is left out.

Celia: Accenture has been a really great foundation for my career development.