Employees at this Company Launch Innovative Tech—And That’s Just the Start of It

Alyssa Greenfield
Employees at this Company Launch Innovative Tech—And That’s Just the Start of It
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Think you know L’Oréal as a global consumer products company? Think again.

When it comes to building a career here, there’s a lot more to the company than meets the eye(liner). Here are six things we bet you never knew about L’Oréal.

1. L’Oréal is a tech company.

L’Oréal goes WAY beyond beauty products. Case-in-point: this wearable sensor that keeps sun exposure in check

How does a beauty brand get named one of Fast Company’s “World’s Most Innovative Companies”? Well, when you’re founded by a chemist, science and tech make their way into just about everything you do—like a wearable sensor that measures your UV exposure and is small enough to fit on your fingernail or clip on to a pair of sunglasses.

Want one? It’s called UV Sense and it made its debut during one of the hottest tech trade shows of the year.


2. They’ve partnered with Gigi Hadid and David Beckham (you might’ve heard of them).

L’Oréal’s brands don’t just collaborate with each other. They also partner with some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment. A few recent collaborations of note: Maybelline and Gigi Hadid; L’Oréal Paris and French fashion house Balmain; and a partnership with David Beckham to launch House 99, a brand-new men’s grooming line.

3. When it comes to sustainability, they’re walking the walk.

L’Oréal is all about that sustainability life. Newsweek placed them first in their annual “green ranking,” which assesses companies based on corporate sustainability and environmental impact. They’re also one of only two companies in the world to get a perfect score from the Carbon Disclosure Project for environmental performance in climate change, water, and forest sustainability—for the second year in a row!

Oh, and their goal is to be a carbon-balanced company by 2020.


4. They’ll teach you SEO…or social media marketing…or coding (or all three).

There’s a reason L’Oréal has been pushing the envelope for 109 years, and it’s because they’re committed to making sure all employees are at the forefront of their fields.

Here’s just one amazing example: Team members can take advantage of an educational program with General Assembly and learn SEO, mobile marketing, social media, and content creation—then put those new skills to use at the office. They also offer in-person training, seminars, and mentoring opportunities to all employees.

5. They’re using their global presence for good.

How many people can say they’re working for a company that has the power to transform lives and communities? Every year, L’Oréal hosts “Have a Beautiful Day,” an event where officers who just returned home from military service can enjoy free beauty consultations and makeovers at the company’s USA headquarters. And so many of L’Oréal’s brands sponsor charities, host fundraisers, and even create whole product lines based on giving back.

Here’s one we really love: This past holiday season, Kiehl’s collaborated on a collection with Disney, where 100 percent of proceeds were donated to Feeding America.


6. They scored a perfect 100 on corporate equality.

More than 100 years of innovation wouldn’t be possible without welcoming and supporting employees from all backgrounds. L’Oréal has a range of internal “Think Tanks” in the US, including Women of Color and OUT@LOREAL, which actively contribute to an encouraging and inclusive workplace. That’s probably why The Human Rights Campaign gave L’Oréal a perfect score in their 2018 corporate equality rankings and named them a “Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality”.

Ready to start your career at L’Oréal (and wow your interviewer with your knowledge of the company)? They’re hiring now!