How to Make Your Mark as an Intern

Irene Huhulea
How to Make Your Mark as an Intern

Making a great impression as an intern is all about working hard and adding value to an organization. But how can you go above and beyond during your internship and truly leave your mark on a company?

As part of our National Intern Day celebration this summer, we sat down with the CEOs and managers of some of the country’s biggest companies to find out the things that impress them most about their interns. According to Tonya Lee, a senior associate at EY, being a great intern begins with being proactive and asking good questions. Referring to one of her rockstar interns, she explains that what made him stand out was his enthusiasm and desire to learn. “He was awesome because every time we had some downtime, he was actively seeking out more work,” she explains. In addition to taking initiative, Robert was also curious about his role and not afraid to ask questions about the tasks he was assigned. “When he got a task, he was able to say, ‘Okay great. I understand the task, but WHY am I doing this task?’ That WHY question is a really good question to ask because the task became more clear to him as well as how it fit into the bigger picture.”

For Lee, this type of curiosity is important because it demonstrates an intern’s true passion for their role and a desire to learn as much possible about the business.

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