4 Perks You Want at Any Company (and this one has them all)

Alyssa Greenfield
4 Perks You Want at Any Company (and this one has them all)
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A recruiter’s job is never done, but even these hiring pros need some time to relax and recharge. That’s why PageGroup, a global specialist recruitment consultancy, is committed to rewarding employees for their hard work. And when we say “rewarding,” we’re talking about some serious job perks. Here are just a few ways PageGroup maintains a policy that’s as much about working hard as it is about having fun.

They Make Sure You’ll Never Get Bored
Living the PageGroup recruiter life means every day is different. One day, you’ll be talking with the hiring team at a Fortune 500 company, and the next you’ll be watching a NBA game in a private suite, courtesy of one of your company’s business partners. The next day, you could be eating dinner hosted by one of their hospitality clients.

They Know the Value of a Day Off
Not only do PageGroup employees have access to 20 vacation days, they’re also rewarded with a company-sponsored trip for hitting quarterly targets. And there’s no working on these trips, either. Just relaxing in Miami, Vegas or some other destination far, far away from the office.

They’ll Let You Relocate to a New City
… and help with the move. The headquarters for PageGroup is in the UK, but the company also has 140 other offices around the globe. Let’s say you started working in New York, but wanted to give France a try for a year or two. Or even move to a different part of the U.S. and live in Santa Fe for a while. It’s all possible.

They Give You Room to Grow
Financially and professionally, that is. PageGroup consultants make a higher base salary than the average entry-level recruiter (even before bonuses, which increase as you advance in your career), which means you can live in your city of choice without worrying about having enough money to enjoy it. You’ll also have plenty of training every step of the way to help you move up the career ladder. In fact, some PageGroup employees have been promoted two or three times a year. How’s that for proof that those training programs work?

Ready to join a team where you’ll work hard, be challenged and get the chance to celebrate your successes in a big way? PageGroup is hiring now, so head over to WayUp and apply! 

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