How Can You Make A Global Impact? Try Working For A Global Company

Liam Berry
How Can You Make A Global Impact? Try Working For A Global Company
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No matter what you want to do in life, it never hurts to have experience in the big leagues.

Even if you want to start your own company or work for a startup, having experience at a massive, established brand gives you the resume that lets you choose your next job—no matter what you’re looking for.

Mondelēz is the big leagues. As one of the world’s most successful consumer goods companies, it sells amazing sweets and snacks like Oreos and Triscuits. Mondelēz makes and sells products all over the world. Even though its work is behind the scenes as a distributor, all of its products are household names.

And the best news? Mondelēz isn’t just hiring, it’s looking for people all over the US.

It’s The World’s Biggest Cookie Company (And Way More)

Even though most people around the world call them biscuits, cookies are one of the great global uniters; everybody loves them! And multiple billion-dollar cookie brands under the Mondelēz umbrella make it, literally, the world’s largest cookie company.

Mondelēz is the biggest and best in one of the most hotly contested markets. That means the company knows a little something about excellence in industry—which means you can, too.

Plus, the company’s also a leader in chocolate (It makes Cadbury!) and gum (We’re talking Trident, Stride, Dentyne, and more!), so it’s got expertise in more than just biscuits.

Behind every one of Mondelēz’s delicious billion-dollar brands, there’s a complex supply chain, top-notch sales team, and a squad of marketers working hard to understand their audience. If any of those fields (or many more) interest you, then Mondelēz might be the perfect place to start your career.

The best news: You won’t have to move far away to work for Mondelēz.

They’re Hiring All Over The Country

Want to work in sales in Suwanee, Georgia? Or how about exploring the field of supply chain as a Logistics Associate in Salt Lake City, Utah?

Mondelēz products are everywhere—so that’s exactly where it’s hiring. (There’s a reason you can buy a Triscuit in all 50 states!)

Plus, Mondelēz is hiring across so many fields. From supply chain to marketing to sales, the roles Mondelēz are filling occupy nearly every space in the consumer goods industry. And every one of them is a chance for you to start your career off right by getting experience at a major brand.

Mondelēz is hiring in cities like Portland, OR; Paterson, NJ; Midland, TX; and way, way more. You can even join some teams like Nabisco Sales Service or Logistics in multiple locations around the country. And it’s not just full-time jobs. Mondelēz is also offering internships and part-time jobs with awesome benefits like performance bonuses and paid vacations.

With billions of dollars of business under its metaphorical belt, Mondelēz is the perfect launchpad for a career in so many consumer goods fields.

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