From Trident To Oreo: This Company Makes All Your Faves—And They’re Hiring

Liam Berry
From Trident To Oreo: This Company Makes All Your Faves—And They’re Hiring
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The thing about Mondelēz products is, you don’t just know them. You probably love them—or, at least, one of them.

If you try and think about the food that makes you truly happy when you’re eating it, you’re likely to stumble across a Mondelēz product.

Mondelēz is a sweets specialist, a freshness aficionado, and a cracker connoisseur all rolled into one. Here’s a little more about these supreme cookie craftsmen and how you might be able to join their team.

Mondelēz Makes All The Hits, Seriously

Okay, at this point, you’re probably thinking, “There’s no way Mondelēz makes that many things I love. I don’t even love that many things!”

But listen to this: the amazing team at Mondelēz makes every single Cadbury product. That’s Flake bars, Creme Eggs, and all kinds of chocolate.

But maybe you’re not a chocolate fan. Perhaps you’re into more traditional baked goods. Chocolate is, after all, only an ingredient in many of the best confections. Fair enough.

Well, the Mondelēz team also makes Chips Ahoy! cookies. What kid didn’t want those in their lunchbox? Chocolate chips not your thing, either? That’s not a problem. They also make Nilla Wafers. And Fig Newtons. And every variety of Tate’s cookies.

And if you’re thinking, “I just can’t eat dairy,” then that’s no problem, either. Mondelēz also makes one of the all-time greatest cookies, Oreos—and they’re dairy-free.

Even if you hate sweet things and just like a cool stick of gum, Mondelēz makes Dentyne, Trident, and Stride—and before you even ask, the answer is yes: Mondelēz will pay you in gum (among actual money and a ton of other perks).

And Now Mondelēz Is Looking For People Like You

You’re probably wondering what you can do for Mondelēz, and the answer is: anything.

Mondelēz is looking for a lot more than just bakers to join their team. (Mondelēz has plenty of top-tier bakers on its team.) But if you’re someone interested in any part of the consumer goods business, then you’re just the person Mondelēz is looking for.

We’re talking supply chain students, marketing majors, fledgling packaging designers, and anyone else with a passion for taking things from paper to product.

Yes, even though it’s the cookie business, it’s still a business.

And Mondelēz is looking for the best talent in the game to join one of the world’s leading teams. That’s how the company manages to succeed on 6 continents (you’re next, Antarctica!)—the Mondelēz team are masters of making the very best foods for the happy moments in your life.

There’s a reason we have chocolate on Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and birthdays: Mondelēz stays busy making it. And now you can help. Plus, they’re hiring all over the country, so you can start a career in the world’s sweetest industry without moving to a brand-new city.

Want to learn more about how you can be a part of a multi-continental cookie conglomerate? Check out fun facts, heartfelt testimonials, and amazing job opportunities from Mondelēz on WayUp right now!