From Today’s Innovations To The Future Of Finance: 5 Reasons This Multibillion Dollar Finance Giant Is The Perfect Place To Intern

Liam Berry
From Today’s Innovations To The Future Of Finance: 5 Reasons This Multibillion Dollar Finance Giant Is The Perfect Place To Intern
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What makes the perfect internship in finance or tech? Is it the opportunity to receive world-class training? Is it working for a company that operates all over the world? Is it being given the freedom to work with innovators on the next big thing so you can get a head start on industry trends? How about all three—and way, way more?

If you said yes, then you’re in luck, because that’s what you’ll find at Nasdaq’s internship program.

Here’s a look at why a Nasdaq internship is the perfect way to start your career in tech or finance.

1. They Operate On 6 Continents, So You Can Set Yourself Up For A Globetrotting Career

Nasdaq isn’t just a stock exchange in New York City. They’re the primary securities (stocks and bonds) market for major global companies. And they’re especially popular in the technology sector.

That means working for Nasdaq opens the gateway to working in markets all over the world. If you’re interested in a career with exciting opportunities to travel or in working abroad in general, then Nasdaq might be your perfect match.

In an interview with WayUp Co-founder and CEO Liz Wessel, Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman highlighted the range of countries where Nasdaq operates. “We are not only the capital market in the US. We’re the capital market in the Nordics,” she says. “We also provide the technology that powers over a hundred capital markets around the world.”

Nasdaq interns train for a company that operates on six continents, so they’re ready to work anywhere when graduation comes around.

2. Nasdaq Is Bringing Its World-Renowned Technology To The Booming Crypto Marketplace

Finance can be decidedly old-school when it comes to its place in the economy. But Nasdaq, which defines itself as a technology company and markets operator, completely defies that stereotype. This kind of outside-the-box thinking starts with Friedman.

“We are seeing a lot of crypto exchanges trying to become more self-regulated, that they have fair market rules, good technology, and surveillance,” Friedman tells Bloomberg TV. “We are the tech provider to a few of the crypto exchanges and we see an opportunity to provide our market technology and surveillance technology in this space,”

Nasdaq isn’t shying away from what some consider an important development in the future of finance. On that front, they’ve  become a technology partner to several crypto markets, including Gemini, a crypto-firm founded by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the Bitcoin investors famously depicted by Armie Hammer in The Social Network.

3. They’re Serial Tech Innovators Always Looking For New Ideas

Their innovations don’t start or stop with crypto, though. They’re working on integrating artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cloud computing technologies into their exchange systems (among plenty of other exciting pushes).

If you’re interested in finance, tech, or the intersection of the two fields, then interning at Nasdaq is an amazing opportunity to get experience with an established, big-name company, and to actually prepare yourself for what’s next in finance.

Knowing more about next-gen tech will make you an ideal candidate for important, promotable  roles all over the financial sector.

4. Their Business Practices Govern Nearly Every Financial Market In The World

Nasdaq doesn’t just offer a stocks and bonds market to companies all over the world. They offer financial and business expertise in the form of consulting services. That means, even in places or developing markets where Nasdaq isn’t the primary exchange, their business practices and methods are still the standard.

This is especially true in emerging markets in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Nasdaq’s expertise influences these rich new markets and the way their exchanges do business. That means being trained by Nasdaq is being trained for emerging markets, which makes you an incredibly valuable candidate for future jobs.

5. They Offer So Many Services That You Can Start A Career In Any Specialty

One of the biggest misconceptions about Nasdaq is that they’re just an exchange.

They provide services like investor relations, capital markets technology, commodities and equities, and even more than that. They’re a 360-degree financial markets and business brand. So, if you’re interested in starting a career in consulting, analytics, marketing, technology, account management, sales, and—of course—finance, then Nasdaq might just be the perfect company for your next summer internship.

You can also discover an entirely new passion while working and learning at Nasdaq, according to Friedman. “I think that one of the great things about Nasdaq is that you can find your way into the organization through one group, and move to other parts of the company. But you have to have your own sense of self-reliance, self-starting,” she says.

Think you have what it takes to carve your own path with an innovative finance leader? Check out fun facts, videos, and amazing job opportunities from Nasdaq on WayUp right now!