National Intern Day is Changing the Way We Think About Interns

Irene Huhulea
National Intern Day is Changing the Way We Think About Interns

National Intern DayWhen it comes to starting your career, few things are as important as a great internship that can help you develop the skills and experience you need to succeed. To recognize the importance of internships, and the impact interns make on an organization, WayUp is launching the first-ever National Intern Day on July 27th. We figured if there could be a National Selfie Day and a National Oreo Day, there should probably be a day to celebrate our country’s future business leaders too!

We’re partnering with top companies across the country such as American Express, Under Armour, Dell, Unilever and more to recognize their hardworking interns and draw attention to the importance of internships as a necessary step on the path to professional success.

Interested in getting involved in the celebration (and possibly earning a cash prize in the process?!) Here’s what you need to know about National Intern Day:

What is National Intern Day?

National Intern Day is the first celebration of its kind, a day designed to highlight the awesome things that interns like you do every day. “Internships are a critical step on the path to landing a job after graduation,” says Liz Wessel, the CEO and co-founder of WayUp. As a company that’s helped millions of people find internships, we’ve seen firsthand how impactful those experiences can be and we want to celebrate interns who are making a difference.

How can you get involved?

As a part of the National Intern Day celebration, we’re launching a search to find the country’s best interns in six different categories:

Best Design & Creative Intern
Best Marketing & Communications Intern
Best Product & Engineering Intern
Best Sales & Biz Dev Intern
Best Operations & Finance Intern
Best “Learn it All” Intern (For those of you who do it all!)

Sound like you? If you or someone you know fits the bill, you can submit a nomination and enter yourself (or your fellow intern) in the contest. The winners will be announced on July 27th and will receive one of six awesome cash prizes, including a $750 gift card to either Amazon or Apple.

What else do you need to know about National Intern Day?

In addition to spotlighting amazing interns, National Intern Day also puts the focus on employers who are creating awesome internship opportunities and programs. So while you’re submitting a nomination for yourself, go ahead and submit one for your internship program manager and company too! This will help them get the recognition they deserve while also giving other interns the opportunity to discover great internship programs.

Want to find out more about National Intern Day and how you can win a cash prize? Head over to to get the scoop.