Not Your Average Senior Year: Meet The College Student Starring On Survivor

WayUp Team
Not Your Average Senior Year: Meet The College Student Starring On Survivor

“What was your biggest challenge, and how did you handle it?”

For this St. John’s University senior, the answer to that common interview question is definitely being a contestant on Survivor.

Just ahead of the Survivor season premiere on Wednesday, we chatted with contestant and WayUp user Desiree Afuye all about the show, being a college student, and what’s next for her in her career.

Check out our interview with Desiree below:

WayUp: Thanks so much for speaking with us today, Desiree! Before we get into it, we just have to ask: What is more difficult, studying for finals, or Survivor?

Desiree: Survivor without a doubt. At least with the way I “study.”

W: And what about finding a job?

D: I have to say, the entertainment and media fields are so competitive. But, I’m a fighter and finding opportunities in these fields doesn’t phase me as much as it could. With a strong mindset, finding the right job could be easy. I know that the opportunities I want will come my way.

W: Is there something you wished you learned in college that would have helped you on the show?

D: I wish I learned how to improve my social and networking skills. Not only is it essential in business but it makes or breaks your game on Survivor if you have difficulties building solid relationships.

W: Having done something as challenging as Survivor, do you have any advice for college students who might feel overwhelmed balancing tuition bills, classes, a social life, and more?

D: Finding your balance is key. Put aside time in the week to do things just for you and focus on those things and the feelings attached to them. When you feel better you attract better and can do greater things than you expected.

W: We know that you’re a communications major, do you think this helped you communicate with the other contestants on the show?

D: I think being a communications major definitely helped me decipher my castmates and put myself in their shoes while looking at things from their perspective.

W: You know that joke “What would you bring to a desert island?” Did you bring anything with you to Fiji? Is there anything you didn’t bring that you wish you did?

D: I wish I brought a tall chocolate man to hold me at night whenever it got cold. Cause Fiji at night gets cold (I couldn’t believe it either!)

W: We thought it was boiling hot there?

D: Nope, at night it gets really chilly.

W: Good to know for our next trip ;). So, what’s next for you after Survivor? Is there any other big risk or life change you are planning to tackle next?

D: I’m moving from New York and finding a new home in either Los Angeles or Paris. I want to start a career in the creative field. Acting, modeling, and directing have always been dreams of mind.

W: So would you say your dream job is to work in entertainment?

D: Yes. I truly am pursuing my dreams to be an actress and model right now.

W: That’s incredible. Now, most importantly: Would you mind telling us what is your favorite Beyonce song and why? We heard Bey is your favorite artist…

D: Irreplaceable…because…c’mon. If I had to use one word to describe myself, it would be just that.