This Company Wants You To Do These 5 Things During Your Interview

Liam Berry
This Company Wants You To Do These 5 Things During Your Interview
Sponsored by, OppenheimerFunds

How many times have you been preparing for an interview (or even sitting in the actual interview) and thought, ‘What if I could just read their minds and find out what they want me to say?’

Well, OppenheimerFunds—home to one of the most competitive financial services internship programs in the country—has heard your cries. The global asset management firm gave us an exclusive look into what its interviewers look for during those critical few minutes you get with them.

Here are five things that OppenheimerFunds wants you to do during an interview.

1. Know Thy Company

OppenheimerFunds is a company that’s always on the cutting edge of its field. It has changed the face of asset management with innovative funds and continues to do so by investing in new kinds of FinTech.

This means there’s plenty of opportunity for you to show that you’re knowledgeable about the business, where’s it been, and where it’s headed. You don’t have to write the book on OppenheimerFunds. But make sure you check out its website, read pertinent articles, and familiarize yourself with its history. Know what the new products and initiatives are, and make sure you understand the industry.

After all, if you’re going to be adding value to the team, you have to know what value means for that team in the first place.

2. Be Prepared To Discuss How This Position Sets Up Your Future Goals

OppenheimerFunds isn’t a massive company. With around 2,200 employees, it makes sure that it invests in every person it hires—full-time or intern. That’s why you have to be sure that you can spell out—to a reasonable degree—what working at OF would mean for your career.

But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a 30-year plan (or even a 10-year plan). Just be honest about how the company help you. If you’re unsure about what you want to do in the future, think hard about why OF is the right stepping stone. For example, you could say, “OF would be a great fit because I’m interested in building a career in public finance. Learning more about the company’s infrastructure fund would help me understand the industry while utilizing my talent for investment.”

This way, you’ll make sure that when your interviewer asks you why you want the position, you don’t just say, “Because I need a job.” or “Because I want to work in finance.”

3. Show That Your Skills Can Help The Company Grow

The best internships and entry-level jobs aren’t just about your development. They’re about contributing to the company’s mission. This is a blessing and a burden, because it means you have real responsibilities.

To show you’re ready for this, you’ll need to demonstrate that you have the skills and the ability to handle the job. At this stage of your life, you’re not going to be able to talk about your extensive professional experience. But you can communicate soft skills like interpersonal communication, detail-orientation, and analytical problem-solving. Just be prepared to give examples, whether they’re from previous internships, part-time jobs, the classroom, extracurricular activities, or even hobbies.

These types of broad skills make you a versatile and exceptional candidate for a company like OF, which invests so much to train and educate its employees.

4. Show That You’re Always Learning

To work at a company that invests in your future, you need to be genuinely receptive to actually growing. You have to make sure that your interviewer knows that you’re a quick study and a dedicated learner. This is so critical for any entry-level job or internship because, regardless of your achievements, you still have so much to learn.

A fast learner who admits she has plenty to learn is always more appealing to an interviewer than someone—no matter how impressive—who prematurely claims to be an expert.

5. Do NOT Gloss Over The Details

All of this only matters if you’re on time, appropriately dressed, showcase your experience, and actively engage with what the interviewer(s) is/are saying.

So much of the interview process is demonstrating that you’re a person who can listen, understand, and engage with the people and places around you. Don’t get in your own head and BE PRESENT! That means not only answering but also asking the right questions.

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