Finance Beyond FiDi: This Company Believes It Can ‘Challenge Borders’ With Global Investment

Liam Berry
Finance Beyond FiDi: This Company Believes It Can ‘Challenge Borders’ With Global Investment
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There is an incredible diversity of cultures, locales, and languages across the globe. Yet that same diversity is what makes it so difficult for many international businesses to figure out how to tap into far-flung opportunities.

Identifying how money might enrich those myriad markets, though, is exactly the business of OppenheimerFunds. The tricky nature of designing investment solutions that work throughout the world is why they hire so many passionate learners and experts.

Here’s a quick look at the strategy behind how the innovative investment leader operates beyond borders in a global economy.

Investment Challenging Borders

“Global trade occurs at the speed of light,” says OF’s Chief Investment Officer Krishna Memani. “There are opportunities in countries and markets all over the world.” That, he says, is why you can’t box your thinking into one country’s way of doing business.

But you can’t just snap your fingers and suddenly become successful outside of the United States and other Western financial markets, either. You need to be knowledgeable about each of the different cultures and their needs. OppenheimerFunds has a strategy in place for this, too.

“Companies that operate in different countries have different cultures. They have different ways of doing business,” Memani says. “You get to be an expert of those markets by visiting those companies, by interacting with them. OppenheimerFunds is special in this regard, because we have been doing this for nearly 60 years.”

For example, the OppenheimerFunds Emerging Markets Innovators Fund invests more than $500 million in businesses and operators in places like South America, Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe. This not only generates new wealth for their clients but also enriches economies around the world to help create better lives for people in all types of situations.

Thinking Bigger Than The Big Apple

“If your portfolio is only focused on what’s happening in New York, then you’re only missing out on what’s happening in 38 other time zones,” Memani says. (That’s a lot of time zones.)

OppenheimerFunds has devoted decades toward becoming a leader among financial institutions when it comes to taking serious bets on emerging market economies. These types of investments have made the firm a trailblazer in asset management and contributed to its global mission and success: The company manages more than $250 billion in assets for more than 13 million clients.

But it wasn’t just profit that fueled OF, Memani stresses. It was the curiosity of the company’s employees, who pushed boundaries as they sought to test what they could achieve and how they might operate in new markets. “It’s that curiosity that leads us to innovative ideas,” he says. It also serves as the foundation for forward-thinking projects like the Oppenheimer Fundamental Alternatives fund, which scours the Earth for technological and business innovators to power portfolio growth.

“Innovation can come from Calcutta just as it can from Silicon Valley,” he says.

According to OppenheimerFunds, that’s how you beat borders: You think beyond them. The reward for doing so is versatility, improving the world beyond your sights, and—of course—beating the market to the next big profit source.

Think you can beat the market? So do they.

So much of what OppenheimerFunds does is about getting and processing the right information before anyone else can. That means they hire a diverse group of people, from data whizzes to communications experts. What characteristics do they share? They’re passionate, extremely knowledgeable, and can handle a challenge that races against the clock.

If you think you can spot the next big thing before the market does, then you might be the perfect fit for OF’s transformational investment platform.

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