My Career-Advancing Summer at OppenheimerFunds

Jason Yu
My Career-Advancing Summer at OppenheimerFunds
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Recently, we teamed up with three former OppenheimerFunds interns who shared what it’s like to work for the global asset management firm. Today’s post is from Jason Yu, a student at Wesleyan University majoring in Environmental Science and Economics. Jason interned in the Distribution Department of the OppenheimerFunds New York City office. Here’s what he had to say about his favorite project, what he learned, and what’s next.

A Career-Advancing Project

Our final internship presentation involved presenting to our manager, advisor, and co-workers about the future of the asset management industry and the strengths and weaknesses of active and passive management.

This was the coolest project I worked on because it allowed me to gather input from different teams within the company about where the industry is heading and how we can prepare for future technological advancements. Because of this, the project helped me plan my career goals and areas for professional development based on what will provide value in the future. It also helped me figure out where I could see myself excelling within the industry or firm.

Full-Time Responsibilities

Frankly, I believe all the projects I worked on required trusting me with a lot of responsibility since all requests were catered to clients and OppenheimerFunds wouldn’t exist without its clients. On top of this, the projects I completed were the exact same work I would be doing as a full-time employee. I was doing work for household-name clients, and understanding the assets at stake definitely gave me an immense sense of responsibility that I haven’t always had in previous internships.

Planning for What’s Next

This internship helped me realize that I wanted to work with people and it exposed me to what my strengths and areas for improvement are. Ultimately, it was an amazing learning experience as well as a networking opportunity, and the skills I developed will definitely be utilized later in my career.

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