5 Reasons Why OppenheimerFunds Interns Love Their Lives

5 Reasons Why OppenheimerFunds Interns Love Their Lives
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It’s true that not every internship is created equal. To be an intern with OppenheimerFunds is certainly an exception to that rule. Don’t believe us? Watch:

With offices across the country, OppenheimerFunds is a leading global asset manager dedicated to serving the diverse needs of our clients that range from institutions to financial advisors to individual investors.

Founded in 1959, the firm has a proven track record of identifying rewarding opportunities for clients by following these four principles that make up The Right Way to Invest: make global connections, look to the long-term, take intelligent risks and invest with experience.

The firm’s investment staff comprises 17 independent but collaborative teams that specialize in equity, fixed income, alternatives and multi-asset investment strategies, and smart beta solutions.

If you’re interested in joining the team, you check out their company profile to learn more!