Power the Wikimedia Foundation This Fall

Jenny Xie
Power the Wikimedia Foundation This Fall

Confess. Wikipedia has been the starting point of every academic paper you’ve ever written dating back to the sixth grade, making your job easy. That’s because the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF), the nonprofit organization behind Wikipedia and eight sister projects, has been committed to making knowledge free and accessible to everyone since 2003. Now, WMF gives you the incredible opportunity to intern with the communications and office IT teams at the company HQ right here in foggy San Francisco.

Disrupt Social Media

Communications interns promote the WMF tradition of disrupting online content by researching, writing, and pushing stories about Wikimedia’s mission. Put your formidable writing talent to use by drafting press releases, email newsletters, social media updates, and blog posts. Check out the Communications position and apply.

Troubleshoot Free Knowledge

As an Office IT intern, you’ll support users experiencing network, hardware, software, and server connectivity issues. Handle the nuts and bolts of office and project administration tasks in a transparent, collaborative community. Check out the Office IT position and apply.

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