This Business’s Digital Training Makes It The Ideal Place To Start Your New Career

Liam Berry
This Business’s Digital Training Makes It The Ideal Place To Start Your New Career
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In today’s disruptive business environment, finding great people is one thing; keeping them on the cutting edge of the industry is another. And that’s where PwC distinguishes itself as a business.

PwC provides services to 86% of the companies on the US Fortune 500 list and ranks number one on Vault’s Most Prestigious Accounting Firms.   To stay agile in today’s competitive landscape, PwC is providing comprehensive digital upskilling to all its employees regardless of role or tenure.

Here’s a look at why PwC makes a great place to start your career in professional services.

PwC’s Digital Journey

PwC is focusing on recruiting people who are looking to make an impact, now and in the years to come. That’s why they are offering way more than the initial training you’d expect when joining an organization or firm.  PwC is engaging with the newest business tools and innovative technologies,  representing a powerful new standard of digital excellence.

It all starts with the Digital Fitness app.  First, you complete a short digital assessment while reflecting on what you know and where you can improve in the digital space.  The app provides a score followed by a personalized training plan in areas including data, analytics, AI and automation, blockchain and design thinking.  From there you can access a ton of learning resources through a phone, tablet or computer.

You can take your training on-the-go and improve through on-demand blogs, podcasts, quizzes and videos, as well as support from internal PwC teams.  Everyone at the firm is empowered to take on digital challenges and tech-enabled learning.

Some organizations provide upfront training but may stop short of offering continuing education programs to their employees.  PwC provides employees the resources and digital tools they need to shape and achieve their long-term personal and professional goals.

The Supportive Culture Behind The Excellence

PwC is among the industry leading “big four” professional services firms. And gaining an edge in an industry that is so competitive can be difficult.

But that’s why PwC has spent the last five years shifting its culture to one where their people can thrive by empowering them to upskill digitally and prioritize their well-being.

In an industry that’s known for being arduous, having a culture that allows you to work smarter is a standout characteristic. Amid an industry-wide trend of attritions, PwC took the lead and allowed for more flexibility in how and where their people work.  Some employees have arranged to work from home some of the time and others may have a compressed work week.

Working at PwC means being a part of a culture that nurtures excellence and encourages well-being. Working with some of the world’s most successful businesses as clients, training in the digital space, and being a part an inclusive workplace all make PwC an ideal employer for a full-time job internship in professional services.

Learn more about PwC and its benefits (including their Student Loan Paydown program!)  Visit PwC on WayUp to check out fun facts, videos and full-time and internship opportunities.