How To Transform An Entire Company 3 Months After Graduating From College

Alyssa Greenfield
How To Transform An Entire Company 3 Months After Graduating From College
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It might sound like a feat reserved for just a few, but for Product Specialists at Qualtrics, an opportunity to transform the business can often come up fast. (By the way: in case you haven’t heard of Qualtrics yet, their software allows organizations to manage the four core experiences of business—customer, product, employee, and brand experiences—on one platform). Here’s an inside look at what the Product Specialist role is all about.

Hitting the Ground Running

Product Specialists typically join Qualtrics out of college and spend their first few months learning the software inside and out. This isn’t just training in a classroom, either. After a week and a half at the company, Product Specialists are already on the phone with clients, assisting them with their research and improving their experience with the product.

After that, things get really interesting. A few months into the program, Product Specialists start working with enterprise-level clients and spearhead their own projects. It’s also their job to improve efficiency by streamlining and automating processes. If you’re a Product Specialist, this is your chance to identify gaps and make a lasting (potentially company-wide) impact.

The Chance to Make a Change

You might be wondering: “how much of a lasting impact can a recent college grad actually make?” When we asked the Qualtrics team this question, they shared an amazing story of a former Product Specialist. After a few months on the job (and only a few months out of college), he noticed that the current system his team was using for monitoring calls in the queue wasn’t working as well as it could. For Product Specialists, the faster the customer response time, the better, but their system was slow and difficult to navigate. Ultimately, it was holding the team back from doing their best work.

This Product Specialist knew things had to change, and decided he would be the one to make it happen. So he approached his manager and asked to work on an application that would lead to faster response times and a better customer experience. His manager agreed. Now, his application is displayed on internal TVs across departments. It’s even being expanded to global teams, starting with Dublin and Sydney.

Since he built this application using open source code, current and future Product Specialists can easily add to the application as the business changes. It’s just one example of the almost-immediate impact you can make in this role.

How Do I Know if I’m Qualified to be a Product Specialist?

There’s more than one path to the Product Specialist role at Qualtrics. STEM majors, including biology, chemistry, physics, statistics, math, chemical engineering, and industrial engineering grads tend to be a great fit. Research-heavy majors like economics, psychology, and linguistics can also thrive as Product Specialists. No matter what you majored in, the Qualtrics team says the most qualified applicants are people-oriented and skilled at solving complex problems.

See yourself as a Qualtrics Product Specialist? They’re hiring! Check out their open roles on WayUp.