Real Talk: Are You Dressed for that Interview?

Sara Landucci
Real Talk: Are You Dressed for that Interview?

Once you’ve written a good resume, discovered what they are looking for, and know your skillset matches the position, it’s time to get noticed. By which I mean, time to interview. Rarely will they see you in person before you’ve had a phone interview first, so let’s consider you’ve already peaked their interest. Now you just have to complete the deal.

The all point now is make them believe you’re the perfect fit for the job, so you must resist and win any temptation to distract them with things other than yourself, things like extra lipstick, aggressive nail polish, freaky facial hair and the like.

Do not overdo the makeup – they are not interested in your talent in this area!

Keep your hair out of your face. Cut that ‘Justin Bieber’ hair, my man, you’re not 15 anymore! Women, if you have long hair, a quick way to look professional is to put your hair up. And to all the men sporting the latest facial fad: shave it off.

Do not wear distracting clothes: patterns, logos, or bold statements unless you want them to read your shirt instead listening to you. Ditch the “Nirvana” shirts, the hoodies, the leather jackets, and the turtleneck sweater that make you look like a hangman.

Do not EVER wear leggings to an interview. You’re not Kim Kardashian. Oh, and keep the girls hidden, if you know what I mean. Cleavage distracts everyone and doesn’t add to your experience or skillset as a potential employee. They’re not going to hire you just because you have boobs.

Also, although the latest trend calls for it, guys, do not roll up your skinny jeans (and please make an effort not to wear them if you have Pinocchio’s legs). Seeing a hairy ankle popping out is not a great sight at all.

If you’re putting something on because you think it will be cool, then it isn’t. Take it off and go simple.

Remove all jingle-jangle things, such as the 75 bracelets you’re wearing because, again, you think they are cool. Take out nose rings, eyebrow ring, cheek ring, and tongue ring. All facial jewelry must go. Lose all excess jewelry and the plectrum necklace.

Do not soak yourself in cologne and perfumes. Shower in the morning, use deodorant, use deodorant (yes, again!), wear clean clothes, and that’s all. Remember: Cleanliness is next to godliness! By leaving behind your scent, maybe mixed with perspiration, you remind them how much they hate their job and you. If you’re a smoker, have your 5, 10, 20 cigarettes at home before the above-mentioned shower and brush your teeth twice. Smelling like an ashtray won’t do you any good.

As best as you can dress properly. You need to have at least one good suit you can use your interviews. If not, you can surely find one at Ross, Marshalls or TJMaxx.

You have this one time to make a good impression, and they already have scan your resume, now they want to see and hear, but you come with a full package of looks and attitude, don’t let them sell you short.

I know things like these shouldn’t matter, and that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but more often than ever it is the other way around. Everything you put on, every color, piece of jewel, shade of lipstick says something about you. Your appeal is a statement you make of yourself. When you get in the room, they’ll immediately read your look before you start speaking.